We’re super excited to announce that the hotly anticipated Kat Von D Beauty range will soon be available at Debenhams soon, so keep checking back for regular updates. 

Kat Von D came to the fore with her tattoo artistry skills before breaking into the world of beauty in 2008. Since then her make up collection and inspirational how-to videos have caused a buzz with beauty junkies around the globe.

Here’s a rundown of a few of our favourites: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.29.17

Shade & Light Face Contour Palette
This contour collection was a game changer for makeup mavericks everywhere! Inspired by an artist’s palette, Kat created six matte shades that look truly stunning on EVERYONE!


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.26.35

Studded Kiss Lipstick
Each long-wear, pigment-rich lipstick is formulated with Colour Cushion Technology™ to keep your pout feeling comfy and velvety soft. Just swipe it across lips to lock in bold, badass colour with unstoppable wear.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.28.44

Tattoo Liner
The precision brush tip is the key to super-fine lines. 325 flexible bristles come together in a tight, crisp point, ready to unleash invincible lines. The supple, saturated brush glides across lids in silky, smooth strokes, making Tattoo Liner the ultimate tool for both makeup newbies and beauty pros alike.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.31.57

Metal Crush Eyeshadow
Create stand-out eyes with this intensely pigmented eyeshadow made from Kat’s proprietary Colour-Soaked Concentrated that helps to deliver the highest possible level of pigment and pearl in an ultra long=wear formula.

Don’t forget to tag us in your Kat Von D looks & favourite products using #KVDXDebenhams for the chance to be featured on our site!


  1. by Lana on July 5, 2016  7:51 pm Reply

    Just wondering if this will be a counter with its own make up artists? I would adore to work for my FAVOURITE brand. I have years of experience both as a make up artist and a retail artist. Just wondering how I can apply!?

    • by Sarah on July 27, 2016  3:34 pm Reply

      Hi Lana

      For jobs specific to the KVD brand you'd need to approach the brands directly. Good luck.



      • by Zuliakha Khan on September 25, 2016  7:42 pm Reply

        Hi just wanted to know will there be kat von d counters in the Debenhams stores?

        • by Skye on September 26, 2016  9:28 am Reply

          Hi Zuliakha,

          Kat Von D will have beauty counters in Oxford Street from 5th October and Lakeside from the end of October. We hope to bring Kat Von D to more Debenhams stores next year.

          Best wishes


  2. by Jacob on July 5, 2016  8:21 pm Reply

    Will the everlasting liquid lipsticks be coming to store as well as her foundations?

    • by Sarah on July 27, 2016  3:33 pm Reply

      Hi Jacob

      Yes, we'll have an extensive make up range as well as foundations.



  3. by Amade on July 5, 2016  9:32 pm Reply

    Hi Sarah. I have a few questions. Will this be available in Irish stores? Will there be eyeshadow palettes? What sort of prices will there be?
    Thanks for the excellent article

    • by Sarah on July 27, 2016  3:32 pm Reply

      Hi Amade

      Thanks for getting in touch. Great news, it will be available online on

      Many thanks. We'd love to see some of your KVD beauty looks.


  4. by Dawn on July 6, 2016  9:44 am Reply

    It's about time! I will be so poor when this happens as I will have to own pretty much everything!

  5. by Morgan McKinlay on July 6, 2016  11:18 am Reply

    Any idea which stores will stock it?

    • by Skye on August 10, 2016  4:20 pm Reply

      Hi Morgan,

      Sign up for all the information about the Kat Von D launch:


  6. by Natalie on July 27, 2016  8:43 pm Reply

    I'm excited, I usually stock up whenever I go to America! Do you know if you'll have the eyeliner pencils as opposed to the liquid eyeliner, really struggling to find it these days!

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:07 am Reply

      Hi Natalie,

      The collection will be launching online tomorrow, so make sure you check out our beauty page to find out: ////

      Best Wishes


  7. by Summer on August 5, 2016  6:48 pm Reply

    Wil they be available to purchase in all Debenhams stores or just Oxford Street?

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:07 am Reply

      Hi Summer,

      Unfortunately, Kat Von D will only be available in select stores. However, wherever you are, you can purchase the collection online: ////

      Best Wishes


  8. by Dodi on August 9, 2016  11:42 pm Reply

    Is there a date to when it will launch?

    • by Skye on August 10, 2016  4:18 pm Reply


      You can register to be one of the first in the know!


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  10. by Carole on August 19, 2016  11:02 am Reply

    Hi, will Ipswich Debenhams get the range or will I have to order on line?, specifically the Shade and Light eye palette, thanks.

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:05 am Reply

      Hi Carole,

      Unfortunately, at first, Kat Von D will only be available in select stores. But the range will be available online from tomorrow! Check out our beauty page first thing for your chance to buy the collection: ////

      Best Wishes


  11. by Jiniya on September 3, 2016  8:19 pm Reply

    Will the Kat Von D line be available at all Debenham stores?

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:03 am Reply

      Hi Jiniya,

      Unfortunately, it will only be available in select store. But follow our social channels for updates on all out new collections.

      Best wishes


  12. by Lynn Dorsett on September 7, 2016  9:18 am Reply

    Hi - do you know how much the shade and light face contour palette will be? thanks

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:02 am Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      Not long to wait now! Check out our beauty page to find out tomorrow! ////

      Best Wishes

  13. by annie on September 8, 2016  9:14 pm Reply

    Hi. Will this brand be coming to debenhams in Gateshead/Newcastle? ❤

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  10:01 am Reply

      Hi Annie,

      Unfortunately not (yet), but we hope we'll be able to spread the Kat Von D collection further in future. Follow our social media channels for the latest updates on this!

      Best wishes


  14. by Lou lou on September 11, 2016  7:11 am Reply

    Hi my daughter is desperate to meet Kat , will the wrist bands be given out in other stores prior to her visit to the Oxford st branch ?

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  9:55 am Reply

      Hi Lou,

      All the details for the meet with kat are available here: //

      Best wishes


  15. by Erin on September 11, 2016  12:41 pm Reply

    Will this be completely online or will there be counters in all or just some of Debenhams stores?

    • by Skye on September 12, 2016  9:54 am Reply

      Hi Erin,

      It will be coming to Debenhams Oxford St on 5th October. Please check out our dates for your diary post and follow our social channels for more updates!

      Best wishes

  16. by Jay on September 12, 2016  11:34 pm Reply

    Hi, will this be coming to the Lincoln store? :) Thanks!

    • by Skye on September 13, 2016  12:13 pm Reply

      Hi Jay,

      We hope that it will be available at more stores in future. However, this year it will only be available at Oxford Street and Lakeside unfortunately.


  17. by Gemma on September 13, 2016  5:27 am Reply

    Whats the link to buy tickets to see Kat?

    • by Skye on September 13, 2016  12:14 pm Reply

      Hi Gemma,

      All the details for the event are in our dates for your diary post here: //

      Best wishes


  18. by Lauren on September 14, 2016  4:41 pm Reply

    Will it be available at Meadowhall Sheffield or Leeds store :)

    • by Skye on September 15, 2016  11:12 am Reply

      Hi Lauren,

      Unfortunately, it will only be available in Lakeside and Oxford Street Debenhams stores this year. But stay tuned for more updates and shop the collection online: ////

      Best wishes


  19. by Laura on October 7, 2016  12:22 pm Reply

    Hi I would love to but some KVD products but I don't know my shade, is there any way to get foundation samples? As it's just too expensive to end up buying the wrong shade. I'd be happy to pay for small sample pots.

    • by Skye on October 20, 2016  2:44 pm Reply

      Hi Laura,

      We're looking into what we can do for customers who don't have a store nearby. So stay tuned for future updates.

      Best wishes

  20. by Jayne on October 15, 2016  2:02 pm Reply

    Hi when will the metal matte be available please?

    • by Skye on October 20, 2016  3:41 pm Reply

      Hi Jayne,

      It will be available by the end of October. Stay tuned for updates!

      Best wishes

  21. by Ash on October 25, 2016  6:02 pm Reply

    Hi! Wil you be carrying the new Metal Matte eyeshadow palette and if so, when will it be available?

    • by Skye on October 31, 2016  10:14 am Reply

      Hi Ash,

      We will- it should be available this week so keep a look out in our new arrivals section.


    • by Skye on November 1, 2016  2:41 pm Reply

      Hi Ash,

      The palette is now available to buy here


  22. by Jamie on November 6, 2016  8:36 am Reply

    Will these be available in the Aberdeen Store?

    • by Skye on November 9, 2016  4:37 pm Reply

      Hi Jamie,

      We are hoping that Kat Von D will be available in more stores next year but at the moment it is only available in Oxford Street and Lakeside. Stay tuned for more updates.



  23. by Atlanta on November 16, 2016  9:47 pm Reply

    Will her products be avalible in store in Belfast?

    • by Skye on November 17, 2016  9:30 am Reply

      Hi Atlanta,

      Not at the moment but we're hoping to roll out into more stores next year.


  24. by Lucy Elizabeth Johns on November 27, 2016  6:11 pm Reply

    Any knees if when it will be coming to Newcastle or metro centre?

    • by Skye on December 1, 2016  9:57 am Reply

      We're hoping to have more news on new locations next year, so stay tuned...

  25. by Mariam on December 24, 2016  7:54 pm Reply

    I just wanted to know is Kat Von D coming into debenhams in preston?

    • by Skye on January 4, 2017  10:09 am Reply

      Hi Mariam,

      We don't have any confirmation of the new stores yet. But stay tuned for updates later this year in regards to more Kat Von D stores.


  26. by Jennie on December 29, 2016  12:18 am Reply

    I want to purchase some foundation but how can I do so when I cannot get my shade checked or get any samples as I cannot purchase several to check as obviously used products cannot be returned. What have you in place for this problem? Can you supply some samples please? As I cannot travel as far as your stores and obviously I am at a disadvantage to those who live near a store which doesn't seem fair.This is the only thing preventing me from purchasing ??

    • by Skye on January 9, 2017  3:16 pm Reply

      Hi Jennie,

      We are looking into a solution for this. Also, stay tuned as there will be more Kat Von D openings throughout this year.

      Best wishes


  27. by Debbie Harwood-Brown on January 6, 2017  10:48 pm Reply

    Hi can you tell me how to book a make over with the Kat Von D range at Oxford street please , I'm having difficulty contacting the store and don't want to travel to London and it be booked up ! Had a gift card for xmas , with the intention of buying the right colours for me many thanks

    • by Skye on January 9, 2017  3:15 pm Reply

      Hi Debbie,

      You'll need to get into contact with the store directly, as they'll be able to help you.

      Best wishes


  28. by Jo Orr-Munro on January 8, 2017  10:43 am Reply

    I purchased a product yesterday when visiting London,Oxford Street when I got home last night I discovered they had actually given me the wrong colour everlasting lipstick. it is unwearable for my skin tone and hair colour. I am very disappointed. It was a treat to myself for my birthday we were in London for tea at the Ritz. What can I do? I would like the correct shade but now discover it is not stocked in other stores. I live in the West Midlands. Please can you advise.

    • by Skye on January 9, 2017  3:14 pm Reply

      Hi Jo,

      You can order the whole Kat Von D collection online here.


  29. by Charlee Melville on January 9, 2017  3:15 am Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if Kat Von D makeup is being sold in Crawley County Mall Debenhams as it is the only store closest to me

    • by Skye on January 9, 2017  3:12 pm Reply

      Hi Charlee,

      Please stay tuned for updates of new Kat Von D openings this year.


  30. by Beverley Pagett on January 20, 2017  7:55 am Reply

    Since December, Kat has announced two new pallettes, Alchemy and Pastelgoth. Plus announce new everlasting lip colours. Are these going to be available through Debenhams? Feel like we are missing out.

    • by Skye on January 27, 2017  9:18 am Reply

      Hi Beverley,

      We definitely don't want you to miss out. All I can say now is stay tuned...

  31. by Caitlin on January 21, 2017  10:48 pm Reply

    When will the range start to be released in other stores? Where can I keep up with the updates for new stores? Also is there a solution for the foundation shades yet. I was lucky and found a comparer online and they got it bang on - but my mum wants to try it and there is no way to shade match.
    Previous answers are varely vague.


    • by Skye on January 27, 2017  9:22 am Reply

      Hi Caitlin,

      We've announced the store openings for this year, which you can see here.

      On the foundation note, we are looking into it as this has been a top question. We don't have a solution yet but more stores will be selling Kat Von D which should help more of KVD's fans!


  32. by Angie on February 10, 2017  7:48 am Reply

    Does Debenhams Merry Hill stock any Kat Von d products or any Debenhams in the West Midlands?

    • by Skye on February 27, 2017  11:57 am Reply

      Hi Angie,

      We will be opening a Kat Von D counter in Merry Hill in August. It will also be available in Birmingham Debenhams 16th May.

  33. by Nikki on February 10, 2017  9:14 am Reply

    Hi, just wondering where we stand with the returns policy with regards to online ordering and not being able to try testers in store..? It's hard to gauge the colour of the lipsticks on screen v's real life and as they aren't particularly cheap it's the only thing stopping me from ordering. Do you send out testers?

    • by Skye on February 27, 2017  11:53 am Reply

      Hi Nikki,

      Unfortunately you can not return anything that is open but some of our products do offer a free sample so you can try it first. You can see these here.

  34. by Sharon on March 5, 2017  9:37 pm Reply

    When will we see a counter in Ireland ??

    • by Skye on March 14, 2017  2:52 pm Reply

      We will be launching in the following Irish stores:
      Debenhams Cork - 23 March
      Debenhams Belfast - 21 March
      Debenhams Dublin - 27 March

  35. by Banin Zahra on March 12, 2017  3:28 pm Reply

    I was wondering if there is a Kat Von D counter in Leeds?

    • by Skye on March 14, 2017  2:53 pm Reply

      We will be launching in Leeds 4th June.

  36. by Nicola on May 5, 2017  8:40 am Reply

    Hi. Can you tell me when Kat Von D will be available in a store counter in Newcastle Area please?

  37. by Lauren on August 25, 2017  8:38 pm Reply

    Hi! I was just wondering if Kat Von D will be launching at Meadowhall in Sheffield? Thanks! X

    • by Lisa Foote on August 29, 2017  11:00 am Reply

      Hi Lauren,

      There are no plans as of yet for a Kat Von D counter launch in Meadowhall Sheffield but we'll keep you updated on any news. In the meantime, here's a list of all the stores that currently stock KVD. //


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