Debenhams Exclusive: D&G Intenso

We’re pleased to announce that the much anticipated D&G Intenso fragrance fronted by the hunky, loveable rogue Colin Farrell is now available at Debenhams in store and online.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour Homme Intenso is an aromatic woody fragrance that exudes elegance with contrast notes of basil, lavender, Moepel wood and honey accents and perfect for the distinguished man.

Here’s what Colin had to say about the fragrance…

What does Intenso evoke to you?
[Colin Farrell]
Its translation is intensity or intense. I find life to be intense regardless of what a person is. Life seems to be greater than a collection of experiences that happen, it seems to be about how those experiences are perceived rather than what takes place, what takes place informs how you feel. How you react to everything that you encounter on your daily travels. So the idea of intensity is about our life I think.

What do you like about Intenso and what emotions does it bring out?
It is simple yet delicate, it is a very elegant scent, and it doesn’t overpower the natural essence of anyone who wears it. It compliments their natural essence. And scents, being one of the five senses, are about a memory, it is about recollection, so it is up to whoever owns the fragrance to create their own memories. I still have at home a bottle of the fragrance Elizabeth Taylor’ was wearing. If I smell that fragrance now, because Elizabeth was a friend of mine, it will just take me straight back to moments that I shared with her in my life.

What does a scent mean to you?
A scent elicits details of memory. That is the clearest thing that a scent can lead a person to, is a memory of a time and a memory of a place. There are certain things that I could smell, like PlayDough – the children’s clay of different colours – it brings me right back to that time. Certain foods I smell that remind me of home. So the idea of scent, it recalls memory, it recalls time and it recalls place and it can drop us into an emotional place within ourselves.

Do you wear usually fragrance?
Every now and then I wear a fragrance. The first day that I smelled the fragrance, the Intenso fragrance, I really liked it immediately. And I’m now wearing Intenso any time I go out!

Do you think a fragrance can set the mood for a dressing-up occasion?
Yes I don’t see why not. It depends on the importance a person, places on a particular scent that they have a like or a love for. Smell being one of the most powerful senses – whether it is a person’s natural pheromones which is responsible for 30% of the people on this planet or something that is laboured over and loved and bottled and sold – scent is very important. So I don’t see why that can’t be a gateway into a wonderful evening.

Intenso is a representation of the modern day Dolce&Gabbana man, what do you think it means to be a modern day Dolce&Gabbana man ?
I think sincerity, I think honesty and integrity and all these words are kind of benchmarks with which man, at times, marks the success or failure of his life. This is much more than monetary gain, or affluence, or material wealth. The strength of a man’s word or the strength of his ability to commit to a good deed is really what his success, as a human being, should be measured by.

What is your grooming routine – how do you groom yourself?
[CF] I wake up and I meet the day already pre-groomed by my night’s sleep.…….

Usually if I am not working on a film, I just let my hair grow so that I have as much option if I go to a film to have my hair long if I need to cut it shorter. Often grooming for me is just brushing my teeth and pushing my fingers through my hair. So it is kind of nondescript, without structure, formless and careless.


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