Debenhams Exclusive: Silver Edition Marine Cream

We’d like to wish Elemis a Happy 25th Birthday. In celebration, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is available in a special Limited Edition Silver Edition, exclusively to Debenhams.

From it’s launch in 2003, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has fast-become a favourite with Beauty editors, Celebrities and women everywhere.

I caught up with Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development at Elemis to find out why Pro-Collagen is every woman’s must-have skincare hero.

[Sarah Sian] Why is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream so popular?
[Noella Gabriel] Pro-Collagen Marine Cream delivers what it promises. It meets everyone’s skin needs and make up sits neatly and conformably all day long.

[SS] When did you realise women were falling in love with it?
[NG] Not only was the launch of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream part of our significant step into becoming a leader in advanced skincare and anti-ageing, we found it resonated with clients due to its unique texture, much-loved aroma of mimosa and rose and most importantly, a soft after-feel. It has also proven to be a beautiful base for make up so works with what people want from a moisturiser. Since 2003 we have developed the Pro-Collagen range, with a highlight being Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which has been our fastest selling product launch since Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. In 2014 we brought new innovation to Pro-Collagen Marine Cream itself, with the introduction of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich. The richer texture is specially formulated to intensively nourish and moisturise dry and dehydrated skin.

[SS] Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has been around over 10 years and is one of ELEMIS’ hero products – what is the secret to its success?
[NG]  A lifetime hero product needs to not only deliver results but feel-good and with caring for the skin being at the heart of ELEMIS’ ethos this is exactly what a product like Pro-Collagen Marine Cream delivers and people return to it time and time again and it’s one of our most recommended products.

[SS] Is it possible to give an overview of the marine ingredients that Pro-Collagen Marine Cream contains, its different properties and the benefits they have? for example, the brown algae Padina Pavonica…
[NG] There are three key marine ingredients; Padina Pavonica which is sourced in the Mediterranean and is a small brown fan-shaped seaweed which is unicellular, like the skin, it mimics the skins function for cell-renewal and improved cell-communication. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream also contains Porphyridium, a unicellular algae rich in moisturising fatty acids and Chlorella to slow down the deterioration of elastin and collagen.

[SS] What would you say are the key benefits of marine skincare products, not just when it comes to the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, but in general?
[NG] Marine algae’s are rich in minerals and trace elements and offer maximum skin benefits. Although Padina Pavonica in particular is central to the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream’s activity, all products in the Pro-Collagen range utilise the benefits of seaweed. Porphyridum seaweed is a unicellular algae, rich in moisturising and restructuring essential fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E, and free radical scavengers, which help to eliminate the toxic layer that causes cell degeneration. Chlorella Seaweed contains amino acids and proteins that are responsible for slowing down the deterioration of collagen and elastin and is excellent in the fight against ageing, wrinkles and puffiness.

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