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Today we’re putting the Pro-Collagen skincare range in the spotlight. Here’s what Nina Fordham, Senior Beauty Marketing Coordinator has to say about the products she put to the test. 

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Reviewer: Nina Fordham –  Senior Beauty Marketing Coordinator

Skin Type:Dry to combination

Skin Concern: Ageing / Dry skin in Winter

Elemis products trialled:

Balm: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Toner: Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner

Eye: Elemis Absolute Eye Serum

Cream 1: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Cream 2: Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygentaing Night Cream

Extras: Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

Overall Review:
I have definitely noticed the difference in my skin. I feel like my skins gone through a full 360 cleanse and is now really starting to glow, my new regime has taught me so much more about my skin and how the certain products are protecting it.

• Cleanser: The Balm leaves my skin feeling really soft, I learnt half way through the regime it can also be used as a mask and when I first tried it this way and left it on for 30 minutes it felt incredibly soft afterwards!

• Toner: The toner smells delicious and is SO refreshing! It can be used as a face spritz too, which I can imagine would be the dream on sweaty days in summer to freshen up the face. As soon as I used it after the cleansing balm, you could feel how it helped to close pores ready for the next layer.

• Serum: I was a little naughty during my first week and didn’t use these, which I paid a lesson for, as I was told these help with clearing break outs that occured, as soon as I started using the capsules I noticed the difference in having that extra light layer under the surface of my moisturiser.

• Moisturiser: Similarly to the Toner, the Elemis creams smell delicious. Although it is a lot thicker than I normally use, the creams left me with a wonderful glow, especially at night when I used a generous amount, when I woke up my skin felt radiant. I could only use a thin layer in the day though.

• Eyes: The eye serum was really nice and smooth, I also found out that you only need a small drop for both eyes and not to put it on the eye lid (which I previously would do!) you only need to put it along the lower eye bone and up to the outer corners of your eye, the cells from other areas will reach for the serum from here.

How did you use the product? Any special technique?

Cleanser: I rubbed it in without water first to remove make up before adding warm water, so as not to get make up in my pores.

Toner: When I felt like I needed a little lift, I would spritz straight on the face without any cotton pads.

Eye: As above applied in very small amount along the lower eye bone with my ring finer (the softest of finger tips)

How did the product make your skin feel?
I loved the product / smell / and feel of them all

After 1st Use: My skin felt lovely and definitely felt a difference in my new improved routine.

After 1 week: After a few days I came out in a break out on each side of my face. I haven’t had spots for a long time, so was a little scared! However, I knew that this was due to using a thorough routine which I have never done before.  That’s now all cleared and the results are paying off, with wonderful glowing skin.

During Week 2: I also had an incredible facial at the skin lounge at Oxford Street where they scanned my skin and pulled out areas of skin concerns. This really helped me evaluate my skin and look at how I can improve it. I had a 30 minute facial (which included a full body massage chair during the process- bliss!) This was such a relaxing experience, as well as teaching me some really insightful things about my skin and how to properly use the products in the correct way.

Did your skincare routine improve any of your specific problem areas?
My main skincare concerns were hydration and first signs of wrinkles and I was conscious I wasn’t doing a proper skin regime. I’m now super impressed I’ve stuck with it and looking forward to the continuing change and improvement in my skin over the next month.

Would you reuse the routine or adapt in any way?
I’m now using the Bliss capsules which I only introduced halfway through. I’d like to introduce a face mask once a week to help exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells to continue to see the results of the new regime. There is no point in using the products on top of dead skin!

Any other information you’d like to add?
I was very impressed by the skincare and it completely changed my skin. Going forward, I would definitely reuse Elemis and highly recommend all of their products.

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