Diorshow Mascara…The Backstage Legend Reinvented

The legendary (and personal favourite) Diorshow Mascara has had a make over.

Diorshow Lash Extension Effect was inspired by the volumising lash extensions used by make up artists backstage. Whilst the innovative XXL brush remains the same, the new creamy and buildable formula helps you to achieve dramatic volume for a glamorous false-lash effect.


How does it work?
The formula has been enriched with a protective ingredient: Sericin: an isolated silk protein that works as a conditioner for lashes. As soon as the mascara is applied, Sericin helps to form a protective film on the lash, aiding smoothness and helping to ensure the mascara goes on evenly along the lash. Throughout application, its lash-care action helps to smooth the lashes for spectacular coverage and volume.

Another major innovation: An exclusive patented “Air-Lock™” system which limits the infiltration of air into the tube and prevents the formula from drying out. The guarantee of a perfect make-up result, with no clumps or flaws.

Dior has identified 2 major reasons for dryness:

1. A natural phenomenon that lets air into the bottle each time it is opened.

2. A mechanical phenomenon: every time the brush is taken out of the bottle, a small amount of formula rises up and clogs the neck, making it hard to close the lid completely.

To remedy this problem, Dior innovates with a new packaging system: The Air Lock™ system; a wiper with a longer and wider skirt, topped with a valve.



 Complete the Look



eyeliner5 Couleurs Palette
Add the perfect finishing touches with the new 5 Couleurs Palette available in 6 shades. The one pictured above is the Smokey Palette. All come in a sleeker, handbag friendly compact and feature ‘Colour-Lock’ technology that helps to optimise colour’s hold.

The eyeshadows are enriched in Dior’s coloured pearlescent pigments, original hybrid components that combine the colouring power of pigments and the luminosity of pearlisers. The result is a pure, luminous colour brimming with reflections… A colour full of a three-dimensional play on shadows and light.

Diorshow Pro Liner: the hybrid liner with a spectacular finish
Combine the easy application of a pencil with the glide and intensity of a liquid liner: a feat achieved by the new Diorshow Pro Liner.

The retractable tip of this unique liner is bevelled – a special shape that perfectly hugs the curve of the eyelid, enabling a precise line. Held horizontally, it draws a precise line right along the lashes; held vertically, it draws a thick, bold line full of catwalk glamour.

Enriched with a high concentration of pigments for intense colour, its gel-like, waterproof formula literally glides along the lid with exquisite ease.

The result is a perfect line in one stroke, impeccably controlled, like the work of a make-up artist.

Available in six shades: Pro Black, Pro Brown, Pro Blue, Pro Khaki, Pro Grey, Pro Purple.

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