Discover The Secret Of Shiseido

Shiseido is one of those beauty brands that has always ‘wowed’ me.

When you see the innovative packaging that stands out on shelves willing you to grab one and the amazing science behind each and every product, Shiseido has been for me and I bet you too, one of those brands that is on your ultimate beauty wishlist.

But, did you know…Shiseido is one of the most largest and influential cosmetic houses in the world? Well read on…the history of this brand is bound to ‘wow’ you too. For me, it’s one of the most trustworthy beauty brands out there and here’s why…

The name ‘Shiseido’ was taken from a classic Chinese phrase that was understood to mean “Praise the virtues of the earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values”. The name is a reflection of the company: a pioneer in combining eastern aesthetics and sensibility with western science.

Founded in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara was working as chief pharmacist in a naval hospital at the meager age of 23 years old when he and his colleagues, also in their early 20’s, founded the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan.

Their motivation came from displeasure with medicine available on the market at the time, while their inspiration was “to take everything and anything good in this world and use it to create new things”.

Located in the Ginza, Tokyo, Shiseido was innovative from its very outset and launched Japan’s first toothpaste in 1888, followed by the launch of Eudermine in 1897, a skin lotion so advanced that it is still sold in some countries today, over a century later.

Over 140 years on, Shiseido is now the oldest skincare company still existing today. It is the number 1 largest cosmetic group in Asia and number 5 in the world.


Research and Development
Commitment to Research and Development has always been at the core of the Shiseido brand. Today, there are over 1000 dermatologists, biologists and researchers employed around the world, who have patented more than 1500 unique formulas. In terms of both scale and quality, these facilities are unrivalled within the cosmetic industry.

Since the 1990’s Shiseido’s pioneering research has demonstrated that fragrance has not only a psychological effect on the mind and body but also can effect skin functions. Shiseido products are often developed with an aromachology effect. Shiseido sleep improvement, sebum control, stress reduction, bloody flow and hormonal imbalances.

With its uncompromising dedication to outstanding service, the brand embraces the philosophy of ‘Omotenashi’, offering the ultimate in hospitality and respect for those who experience the brand.

More than 140 years of cosmetic experience has given Shiseido a unique expertise in developing skincare, bodycare, makeup and fragrance products with the most advanced technologies. Shiseido’s product lines, for both men and women, target the needs of each individual skin type to help you realise your personal potential for beautiful skin. With incomparably lightweight textures that simultaneously delight the senses of sight, touch and smell, each product is dedicated to pure, total and absolute pleasure.

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