EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gerard Butler for Hugo Boss

At a secret central London location I caught up with Hollywood hunk and face of Hugo Boss Bottled, Gerard Butler to find out more about his personal fragrance tastes and what it’s like to be the face for one of the most fastest selling fragrances in the world (one sold every 5 seconds).  



Boss bottled

[Sarah Sian, Beauty Editor] Why do you think Boss Bottled was the perfect for you to be the face of?
[Gerard Butler]
I’ve always had a deep connection with Boss. It’s such an iconic brand and I’ve also worn their clothes for a long time. When they talked to me about the campaign, I loved the ideology behind it – The Man of Toady, the multi-faceted man and the definition of masculinity that I found really inspiring. Any campaign that goes beyond actually trying to sell a product and actually defines a person and makes people think in a more meaningful way is commendable, so it was a nice fit for me. Plus, I really do like and enjoy the smell of the fragrance.

[SS] What was the first fragrance you bought?
It was Paco Rabanne but wasn’t that every body’s at the time? I used to say I’m wearing Paco Rabanne and everyone used to say ‘me too’, so I remember it being a popular choice. I’m a little more discerning now with my fragrance choices but back then Paco Rabanne was delicious.

[SS] Boss Bottled features a blend of Vanilla and oriental notes, have you always been drawn to these types of notes or has your tastes changed throughout the years?
Yes. I have. Always. I actually have a place in New York and use vanilla scented liquid incense sticks as I love the smell. My favourite notes are a spicy, wood based smell which I think comes from being a scotsman when I was surrounded by burning fires and the smell of woods after the rain.

[SS] Do you tend to stick to one fragrance or do you have a fragrance wardrobe?
I don’t have a massive amount of fragrances but I do like to wear different ones for certain occasions. Boss Bottles is perfect for everyday but if there’s a special occasion then I like something more intense.

[SS] Do you have particular pulse points where you spray the fragrance?
I normally just spray on my neck but I do spray and then jump into it as it leaves a lingering trail on your clothes without being too over powerful.

[SS] What advice would you give to people buying fragrance for that special man in their lives this Christmas e.g. How to choose, how to make sure it’s one they’ll like.
Buying a fragrance for someone is such a treat. I love giving and receiving a fragrance gift. It is nice to receive a fragrance that you like but I do recommend taking a risk. If I receive a fragrance that I’ve never tried it makes me feel that the person buying it has really put some thought into it and it becomes a lot more personal. It’s almost like, you needed it but you didn’t know you needed it. Also, I think if you’re buying a fragrance for someone buy something you like too as you’re the one who is going to smell it the most… just keep the receipt just in case though.


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