We’re pleased to announce that the stunning new fragrance Viktor & Rolf Bloom will be launching exclusively at Debenhams on 1 February 2017. 

In a secret London location we caught up with the designers themselves and leading perfumer Domitille Bertier to find out more about the latest new fragrance.

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Fragrance Inspiration
[Sarah Sian, Beauty Editor] How much does your fashion line influence your fragrance range?
[Viktor Horsting, Fashion Artist] For us it’s all one universe, our fragrances and fashion come from the same creative source and Flowerbomb was created with the same feeling we create our fashion. All our work is about the notion of transformation and how we can make the world more beautiful
[Rolf Snorean, Fashion Artist] We feel that with Flowerbomb as a fragrance range is a secret weapon to creating beauty.

[SS] What was the inspiration behind the new Flowerbomb Bloom?
[RS] The inspiration behind Flowerbomb Bloom was to create an airy sister fragrance that literally uplifts everyone that wears it.

[SS] What was the inspiration behind the new bottle?
[RS] It’s a longer and leaner bottle and the idea is that it elevates the wearer.

[SS] Do you have any insider tips to where and how to best spray the fragrance?
[VH] We don’t like to dictate how to wear it. We want the person to wear it how they want to so they ultimately feel good about themselves.

[SS] What type of person is Flowerbomb Bloom for?
[VH] We didn’t think of a particular audience when creating the fragrance. We have an idea of what we want and want everyone who comes across Flowerbomb Bloom and all Flowerbomb fragrances to feel happy and confident. For us we want it to appeal to everyone but Flowerbomb Bloom is an ideal, fresh and light version for the day while Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum is perfect for evenings.

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About the Fragrance
[Sarah Sian, Beauty Editor]
How would you describe the new fragrance?
[Domitille Bertier, Perfumer] Flowerbomb Bloom is an Eau de Toilette but has a deep link with the Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum. The idea for Flowerbomb Bloom is to give it a lot freshness, so the wearer will experience a wonderful burst of freshness. The top note is Pomegranate, a juicy sparkling fruit mixed with zesty mandarin that will make the wearer feel happy, energised and optimistic. The heart of the fragrance is the same as Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum with the Freesia, Rose and Jasmine but we’ve added a new accord called Liquid Air, a new ingredient that has been used for the first time in a fragrance to give it that added burst of freshness.

The mantra of this fragrance is to turn the impossible to the possible and celebrate going from winter into spring when flowers start to bloom.

[SS] Talk us through the blend of ingredients. Where are they sourced? How did you put the blend together?
[DB] We have a scientist that goes over the globe to find the ingredients. The Liquid Air was found at a top of a mountain which is one of the key ingredients. We already had a solid base with the Flowerbomb Eau de Toilette so we looked for ingredients that add that extra burst of freshness.

[SS] Do you have any insider tips to where and how to best spray the fragrance?
[DB] Usually I like to spray on the skin so you have the sensuality of the perfume on the skin before getting dressed and after I’m dressed I spray on the clothes so it leaves an aura all day long. I spray on the pulse points just behind the neck, on wrists (but don’t rub) and I also love to spray my scarf so your hair will also have a touch of the perfume.

[SS] How as a perfumer do you come up with new fragrance concepts?
[DB] It’s all in the imagination at the beginning. It’s like being a musician or a pianist, at the start they can hear the music in their head without the piano or instrument and then they write it down. It’s the same for me, I imagine the formula and then go to the lab to test out the ingredients.



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