Exclusive Interview with Gal Gadot for Gucci Bamboo

In a stunning London location I was lucky to meet the gorgeous Gal Gadot, actress, model and recently the face of the new Gucci Bamboo fragrance. 

The new woody floral fragrance is inspired by Gucci’s range of bamboo bags and mirrors the many sides of a woman’s personality – her femininity, confidence, savviness and strength, so it’s no wonder that Gal Gadot makes the perfect fit.

Gal 2

[Sarah Sian] How does it feel to be chosen as the face of Gucci Bamboo? 
[Gal Gadot] Amazing! When Gucci called me to be the ambassador of the fragrance I immediately said yes. Then I had a creative call and I was told about the concept of the campaign which I was really happy about and then when I smelt the fragrance it was just simply delicious so it all fell in to place. I love fragrance so this was an exciting collaboration for me. Fragrance to me is about that first impression and how people can be recognised by their scent and this is a special one to be recognised by.

[SS] People often say that a scent captures your personality – what side of your personality does this new fragrance capture? 
[GG] I think that the Gucci Bamboo is not just for one type of woman. It’s for women who aspire for strength and power but who don’t let go of their femininity and softness. They allow themselves to be feminine and enjoy being sophisticated. They’re the whole package.

[SS] What are your favourite notes from the fragrance?
[GG] Ylang Ylang, without a doubt.  I love it. When I travel I use the Ylang Ylang oil.

[SS] Can you share any beauty insider tips, tricks and secrets? 
[GG] I have a bunch. For me less is more I don’t like to wear too much make up in my day to day life. I mix my moisturiser with foundation and it gives you the best coverage while being light so that the skin can breathe. For make up I use just use mascara, blush, and bronzer. When I go out I use the same make up but opt for a bold lip. When I work long hours my skin can start to feel dry but one of the best tricks is to use a water spray that instantly hydrates and brings your face back to life.

[SS] What are your ultimate handbag must-haves? 
[GG] Gucci Bamboo of course, a Lip balm, sunblock and a bold lipstick just in case my days go into the night.  Anything really that helps to give me skincare benefits.

[SS] Some people spritz a fragrance and walk into it. Do you have any fragrance tips for spraying?
I spray around the pulse points – base of the throat, the inside of the wrists and below the earlobes.




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