Get the Look: Halloween by Illamasqua

Illamasqua’s Halloween beauty looks are set to scare. Get the perfect Halloween look in just a few easy steps and a few must-have products. 

Dead Graphic



Dead Graphic created with Head of the School of Make up Art, Nilofar Mussa
Step 1: Layer Skin Base 01 and set with Loose Powder 010 for a clean, ghostly white complexion.

Step 2: Buff Powder Eye Shadows in Pivot and Anja into your natural facial contours to create the dramatic comic-style shadows. Use Anja to add smaller details around the eye socket and nose too.

Step 3: To contrast against the vivid green and blue, apply Lipstick in Eurydice – the ultimate shade for an animated pout.

Step 4: Finally use Precision Gel Liner to outline the cheekbones, lips, eyebrows and eye line to bring your Dead Graphic look to life.


Dead Kitty


Dead Kitty created with Brand Ambassador Zoe Peplow
Step 1 – Blend our blacker than black Precision Gel Liner to create a base for your smokey eye. Follow with Neutral Palette to add intensity and depth, blending out to create a feline shaped eye.

Step 2: Next, apply Precision Gel Liner to the tip of the nose, extending a line down to your bottom lip. Fill in only the bottom lip to create the focal point of this eEad Kitty look.

Step 3: Apply whiskers as the finishing touch.


dead skull
Dead Skull created with International Brand Ambassador, Charlotte Savoury

Step 1: Create a ghosttly base withSkin Base 01 and for skull-like contours sculpt Powder Eye Shadow in Incubus into cheekbones.

Step 2: Buff Precision Gel Liner over the eyes, blending outwards to create a skull socket. Soften the edges of the sockets with Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon and set with Pure Pigment in Berber.

Step 3: Sketch in the nose and add fine detail to the face, lips and around the eyes with Precision Ink in Abyss.

Step 4: To finish, apply red Rhinestone’s around the face.

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