Hot New Arrival…Bamboo by Gucci

We’re pleased to announce that the hotly anticipated new fragrance, Bamboo by Gucci has now landed at Debenhams.

Inspired by the brands range of bamboo bags, this stunning new woody floral scent mirrors the many sides of a woman’s personality – her femininity, confidence, savviness and strength.


The fragrance is intense, graceful, and gentle at the same time and leaves a lingering trail of addictive notes:
Top Notes:  Bergamot
Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lily, Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla

The Design
The bottle makes a strong visual statement and captures the very essence of a woman and her unique individuality.  The boldly cut, art deco diamond style glass mixes string lines to illustrate a woman’s power and combines it with a curved, feminine cap and a pale blush scent inside to show her soft and feminine side.

Here’s my review: 
‘I absolutely love Gucci fragrances and this doesn’t disappoint. The woody notes settle on the skin and leaves a sensual aroma while the floral notes add a touch of softness’. 

The Bamboo Girl
The fragrance is fronted by Gal Gadot, an intriguingly beautiful actress and model that perfectly reflects the very essence of the Gucci woman. Here’s what Gadot has to say about the new fragrance and what fragrances means to her.


What do you think of the fragrance—does it match the woman you portray in the campaign?
[Gal Gadot]
The amazing thing about this scent is that it reflects the Gucci bamboo woman. When you smell it you can sense the contrast between feminine and powerful notes – and when they come together it’s a beautiful unforgettable scent. I am very happy to be the face of this scent because I love it and I love wearing it.

What sort of contrasts does a modern woman have within herself?
Women today have to be so many things. The best mother, the best lover, the best worker etc. And in order to do that they need to be very empowered, very strong, very independent and sophisticated – it is not to be taken for granted.

What do you admire about Gucci Bamboo’s packaging?
[GG] Like the scent itself the bottle is very chic, it is just gorgeous. It looks like a piece of jewelry. Once you spray it on you, it gives you the full experience of wearing your favorite jewels.

Do you change your fragrance preferences based on your mood or your time of day?
I change my fragrance preferences based on the season. During the summer i like to wear light scent. And during the winter I like something that has a lot of presence and deeper stronger scent.

Have any other people influenced fragrance choices that you’ve made in your life?
I always make my own choices when it comes to selecting a fragrance.

What is your first memory of fragrances? How it has evolved over the years?
My first memory of fragrances is sneaking into my mother’s bathroom and using one of her perfumes. I think I was 12. Of course she noticed it and she got me a little girl’s perfume which I did not like as it was far too sweet. And of course that once I was old enough to use real perfumes I went with my parents to one of the beauty shops and for the first time I choose my own scent. And that was the beginning of opening up to this experience of scent and how it can make you feel and put you in a certain mood.

What role do you think perfume plays in a woman’s life?
To a woman a perfume is her signature. I think every woman has her own scent. When she is not in the room yet, you can smell her coming, as her scent precedes her. Scent is the way a woman stands out.

Finish this sentence: For me fragrance is…
For me fragrance is my second skin. First step is the fragrance and second step is the chemical reaction it has with your body.


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