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The changing seasons can wreak havoc on our skin as it struggles to acclimatise. As the weather begins to warm for spring, we caught up with Perricone MD Education Manager, Dan May, to learn about how the inside-out approach is key to amazing skin all year round.

From the superfoods we should be eating to the must-have product you need in your routine, here’s everything you need to know about achieving a flawless complexion…

As we move into spring, how should we adjust our skincare routine?

In the winter months we focus on products that give hydration and warming foods. You need to change your skincare routine completely. Firstly, on a dietary level it’s important to eat a lot of water rich foods- things like watermelon and cucumber- which are going to keep you hydrated as the temperature changes. From the product level, it’s time to try slightly lighter products because people don’t like to have too much oil in the skin.

What superfoods should we be eating this spring?

Watermelon is definitely a superfood in itself. It’s hard to use the word superfood these days as it’s hard to know what characterizes a superfood. But watermelon is full of ingredients which are phenomenal for improving the look of the skin and make your skin glow from the inside out. Broccoli is also excellent for reducing inflammation, calming the skin and helping to detoxify the liver faster.

Sugar is really bad for the skin, what can we eat instead of sugar to curb sweet cravings?

Refined sugars cause skin to age faster, through glycation; so you should eat anti-glycating foods to slow glycation. Eat foods that contain alpha lipoic acid -which is a really powerful anti-oxidant- spinach and grass fed meats. Tumeric is another amazing ingredient, which is the big thing for 2017.

Are there any vitamins and supplements you recommend for changing seasons?

The number one supplement people should be taking is omega 3 because it will help with the health of your heart and improve your mood. There’s also been a lot of research been done that says it helps cure acne from taking it internally. It also helps with your hair and eye sight because of the oils in omega 3. The things that you eat end up on the upper layers of your skin so essentially if you’re taking omega 3 for a month you’re going to notice that your skin will look and feel more moisturised because you’ve got the oil coming from inside out.

One of the key beauty trends for spring/summer is dreamy and dewy, what products or insider tips do you have for creating that look?

A lot of the fashion shows do that really dewy skin and a lot of people like that dewy look because dewiness is aligned with youthfulness- everyone who is dewy looks healthy. I think one of the key elements is the chia serum, or any oil. Even if you’re a bit of an oil phobe, try a bit of chia serum over your makeup to give you that immediate dewiness.  Or you can use chia serum on top of your moisturisers or other serums. It will make the skin glow from inside out.

Also, exfoliating is key because if you’ve got a build up of dead skin cells, your skin is not going to refract light properly. One of the reasons you look dewy is when the light hits your skin, it refracts straight off. I think it’s important to move away from fuller coverage makeup because your skin has natural translucence and the heavier you cover it, the more it will block that natural radiance and dewiness of the skin. I would recommend if you have skin that needs more coverage, use a lighter foundation and concealer where you need it just to correct- it will look more flattering.

If you’re a mum on the go who wants a really quick routine, what’s the one thing she should have in her routine?

The one thing any woman should have in her routine is probably a moisturiser as it will stop your skin losing water and provide it with some antioxidants. It’s like your little coat for going out in. But if someone asked me what would I like in my routine, I would say a serum. A treatment is going to give you the most results according to what your concern is. If you want one phenomenal product that literally does it all- it would be cold plasma. It treats every sign of ageing both preventative and reparative. It beats the 10 most common signs of ageing- like redness, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration and enlarged pores. It won product of the year from GQ and Marie Claire named it as one the products which will change your life forever.

What are the most common skincare mistakes?

Exfoliating too much is one of them. Another one that I see quite frequently is that people find it difficult to understand the difference between dryness and dehydration because dehydration is a lack of water and dryness is having the upper layers being dry. Some people might say they’re skin is really dry but you can see it’s not dry on the top, it’s the under layers that really need the moisture. For that you’d use a good hydrating serum to target dehydration. Another one is people with problematic acne prone skin tend to think that the best way to treat it is to strip the skin with harsh cleansers that contain too high levels of sulphates- which are the foaming agents and alcohol. You can actually use oil based cleansers on acne prone skin and that will disrupt the skin less.

In a skin emergency, what would the one thing you’d reach for be?

The best thing for a quick skin pick-me-up would be a little bit of exfoliation but don’t go crazy. Then a mask that decongests a bit but doesn’t dry. Then, a hydrating mask- basically I would multi-mask. If I had 24 hours, I would use a treatment overnight that has Vitamin C ester to help regenerate the skin and wake up glowing. A lot of clients that like Vitamin C products say that Dr Perricone’s is their favourite because it’s a special type of Vitamin C called an ester; so skin’s that don’t get on well with acidic products find that they get phenomenal results without irritation.

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