Introducing…New ENERGIE DE VIE by Lancome

We’re pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Energie de Vie skincare range by Lancome has landed at and in store.  

Énergie de Vie is the promise of a simple and highly effective routine that will transform your skin. Nourishing, concentrated moisture, along with energizing and antioxidant active ingredients will help you to achieve a fresh, re-energized complexion that glows with health.


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What is it?
Énergie de Vie is the superfood your skin needs to boost its metabolism,. Full of moisturisers and organic certified natural antioxidants for immediate visible results, including tackling urban fatigue.

It is the green juice for your skin and works to give glowing skin, brighter skin and skin that doesn’t look tired or hungover! The range is built from natural anti-oxidants including Goji Berries and Lemon Balm, to protect your skin cells from your lifestyle. Stopping those signs of fatigue before they turn into signs of ageing.

The Ingredients
French lemon balm and goji berry have been chosen for their exceptional protective properties. Lemon balm, for its medicinal benefits and protective action against the inflammation and oxidative stress. The goji berry is reputed for its energizing actions for thousands of years. Rich in sugars, polyphenols, minerals and lipids, it represents a real superfood and a very important source of antioxidants. Gentian root extract, which has been used since Antiquity for its digestive and stimulating benefits, was chosen to deliver the fuel effect that the cells need. Enough to give the skin a truly energizing boost.

The Range
The standard bearer of a new vision of Liquid care™ by Lancôme. Comprehensive, all-in-one skincare, designed to be as fresh as a lotion, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturizing as a Lancôme cream. Bursting with moisturizing, antioxidant and energizing active ingredients, it leaves skin fresh and radiant and delivers smoothing and plumping effects.

This surprising lotion contains a myriad of translucent and evanescent pearls of multiple sizes. On the skin, the nourishing feel of oil is paired with the intense freshness of water, for a splash of energy.

The overnight recovery Sleeping Mask: repairing skincare to be applied after a busy day or as an emergency treatment. Its texture breaks into water on the skin, lowering its temperature by 1.8 C° for an intense feeling of freshness.1 Its formula helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain its optimal moisture levels.

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