Just Launched: Kenzo World Fragrance

KENZO’s artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon breathe their vision of fashion into their first fragrance.

From their inspiration to their own personal tastes, here’s what they had to say about their debut perfume…

1) What was the inspiration behind the new Kenzo World?
This is our very first fragrance for KENZO Parfums and we wanted to approach it in the same way we did for our very first day at KENZO. We wanted to bring something unexpected, creative, modern and beautiful.

2) How would you describe the new fragrance?
It’s fresh, timeless, colorful and young at heart.

3) What sort of person did you have in mind when creating it?
We imagined our friends. Women who aren’t afraid to speak their own minds. Women who dream big. Women who dare to reach their maximum potential.

4) How much does your own fashion line influence your fragrance range?
As designers, you’re always thinking six months ahead. You really need to consider a certain time frame and be quite reactive at all times. Working on the perfume gave us the opportunity to work more slowly, more patient and we loved the balance.

5) What are your favourite notes from the fragrance and why?
We love how the ambroxan levels the more floral notes of peony and jasmine. It’s like the way we wear fragrances, from day to night. Picking up our kids from school, going to a meeting or going to dinner.

6) Talk us through the inspiration of the bottle?
Much of our Fall 13 collection for KENZO was inspired by the all-seeing eye. We loved the symbolism of it as a protector. This universal icon was the first thing we imagined the bottle being. It’s perfect for the project.

7) From your own personal experience do you tend to stick to one fragrance or do have many?
We can mix it up. We very rarely have favourite anythings. We’re constantly discovering new things. There’s room for everything in our lives.

8) Do you have any insider tips to where and how to best spray a fragrance. Some spray and walk in to it so it goes on skin and clothes. Others spray directly onto pulse points. What are your top tips?
We don’t like to give anyone any rules. Fragrances are meant to make you feel confident and bold and happy. All we’ll say is don’t overdo it.

9) Complete the sentence…. ‘A woman is at her most confident when……?’
She’s herself!

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