Kat Von D: New Store Openings

We’re pleased to announce that coveted makeup brand Kat Von D will be launching in selected Debenhams stores throughout 2018. 

Check out our updated list of the dates for your diary…

Westfield White City: 4th May

White Rose, Leeds: 15th June

Swansea: 22nd June

Newcastle: 26th June

In the meantime you can shop Kat Von D online.


  1. by Jada matthews on February 1, 2017  6:38 pm Reply

    Will there be a counter in the Bristol store?

    • by Skye on February 27, 2017  11:56 am Reply

      Hi Jada,

      Unfortunately these are our only openings at the moment but stay tuned for more Kat Von D news...

  2. by Jayne Green on March 10, 2017  2:37 am Reply

    Hi, when will products be at Merry Hill please?

    • by Skye on March 14, 2017  2:52 pm Reply

      We will be launching in Merry Hill in August.

  3. by Laura on March 21, 2017  10:10 am Reply

    On here it says the Belfast store will be today 21st March, but on their website it says tomorrow 22nd March. Can you help with which one is the correct date?

    • by Skye on March 22, 2017  10:41 am Reply

      Hi Laura,

      Sorry about the error there, we have now updated the dates.

  4. by Lauren on May 2, 2017  1:49 pm Reply

    Will there be a counter in the chester store?

  5. by Tasha on May 10, 2017  12:24 pm Reply

    Will any stores open in Edinburgh ?

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  7. by Eloise on May 16, 2017  8:58 pm Reply

    Can you please bring Kat Von D Bristol?! X

  8. by Tessa on May 20, 2017  1:10 pm Reply

    Is there any plans in opening a counter in Leicester?

  9. by Nique on May 28, 2017  5:13 pm Reply

    We need one in Bristol asap. ?

  10. by kayleigh on May 31, 2017  9:32 am Reply

    will there be a kat von d opening in Stirling? I was advised by Debenhams store manager in Stirling that it'd be around June time but don't see anything here... was it cancelled?


    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  11:06 am Reply

      Hi Kayleigh,

      The stores listed are the only ones opening up counters for now, but keep your eyes peeled for future KVD counters opening!



  11. by Nasu on June 3, 2017  11:50 am Reply

    Will there be makeup artists there in the Birmingham branch? As I would like to get my foundation and concealer tested.

    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  11:04 am Reply

      Hi Nasu,

      Yes there are - head to the beauty hall and you'll find make-up artists on your favourite beauty counters.



  12. by Chaniece on June 10, 2017  7:35 pm Reply

    Hi, i applied for position for KVD beauty, i have met the manager on a off chance at the birmingham KVD counter! She asked for my info and asked a few questions, from what i could gather she seemd like she liked me and the counter girls where sweet! Any idea on how i can further my application? Im fully qualified makeup artist with 4+ years retail experience and more than 6 months beauty counter experience having worked for a different counter beforehand! Any ideas would be fab as im exstemely keen to finally quit my 2 jobs And do what i love full time! ?❤️
    •thanks in advance! Xx

    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  11:16 am Reply

      Hi Chaniece,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you have already applied for this position, someone from Careers at Debenhams will be in touch. Otherwise, keep an eye out on our website for any upcoming roles: ////debenhams-careers.com/

      Many thanks,


  13. by Alison on June 13, 2017  8:36 am Reply

    Will Kat Von D be coming to Meadowhall, Sheffield?

    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  10:57 am Reply

      Hi Alison,

      Only the listed stores are those opening KVD counters right now, but stay tuned for further upcoming openings.

      Many thanks,


  14. by JessC on June 27, 2017  9:54 am Reply

    When is the KVD Leeds counter opening?

    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  10:56 am Reply

      Hi Jess,

      The KVD counter in our Leeds store will be opening in July - keep your eyes peeled for a specific date!



  15. by Kathryn Reyner on July 1, 2017  1:20 pm Reply

    What date is the Leeds one please and how long will it be there?

    • by Daisy on July 4, 2017  10:54 am Reply

      Hi Kathryn,

      The Kat Von D counter in the Leeds store will be opening during July. There is no end date for the counter.

      Many thanks,


  16. by Sue Phillips on July 8, 2017  10:58 pm Reply

    Is there any plans for Kat Von Dutch to come into Southampton.

    • by Daisy on July 11, 2017  10:55 am Reply

      Hi Sue,

      Only the listed stores are those launching KVD counters, but do keep your eyes peeled for future announcements!



  17. by Fi on July 9, 2017  1:50 pm Reply

    I can't believe you are not opening a counter in Edinburgh!! It is the capital city after all.

    • by Daisy on July 11, 2017  10:56 am Reply

      Hi Fi,

      Keep your eyes peeled for future store openings - fingers crossed one may open in Edinburgh!



  18. by S on July 12, 2017  7:24 am Reply

    Hi is there a contact number for KVD in birmingham?

    • by Daisy on July 13, 2017  9:57 am Reply

      Hi there,

      If you phone the Birmingham store on 0344 800 8877, you can then asked to be put through to the KVD counter.

      Many thanks,


  19. by Ann Judson on July 16, 2017  4:49 pm Reply

    Which Leeds Debenhams is stocking Kat Von D please?

    • by Daisy on July 21, 2017  9:55 am Reply

      Hi Ann,

      It's the Briggate store.



  20. by Anna on August 7, 2017  2:48 pm Reply

    Hi, is there a complete list of which stores have Kat von d counters? Thanks

    • by Lisa Foote on August 9, 2017  9:31 am Reply

      Hi Anna,

      There isn't a complete list but you can see all of the new Kat Von D store openings on this post!


  21. by Emily James on August 7, 2017  6:10 pm Reply

    Is the cardiff store still opening on the 8th of August by any chance? Havent seen any confirmations or signs in the store

    • by Lisa Foote on August 9, 2017  9:30 am Reply

      Hi Emily,

      The Cardiff store should be opening today (9th of August).


  22. by Melissa on August 9, 2017  10:03 pm Reply

    Is there an actual store in Birmingham city centre Debenhams or is it just online?

    • by Lisa Foote on August 11, 2017  1:46 pm Reply

      Hi Melissa,

      Check out our complete list of Kat Von D UK stores here to see if your local one is on there. You can also shop all Kat Von D products on our website.


  23. by Alice Bell on August 10, 2017  12:43 pm Reply

    Hi! I'd love to know if there are any plans to open up a store in either Nottingham or Sheffield? I went to the Brighton one a couple of days ago and it was an absolutely incredible experience!

    • by Lisa Foote on August 11, 2017  1:49 pm Reply

      Hi Alice,

      We're so glad you enjoyed your Kat Von D experience in Brighton! We haven't heard news of any new store openings yet but keep your eyes peeled, we promise to keep you all updated. Meanwhile, you can find a complete list of all Kat Von D UK stores here.


  24. by Caroline on August 25, 2017  8:06 am Reply


    Is there/is there going to be a KVD counter in Manchester or Trafford?


    • by Lisa Foote on August 25, 2017  9:06 am Reply

      Hi Caroline,

      There is already a Kat Von D counter in our Manchester store. Here's where you can view a full list of all our Kat Von D stores:


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