Kim Kardashian launches her new perfume in Oxford Street

This morning Debenhams Oxford Street was buzzing with excitement as the glamorous Kim Kardashian made a personal appearance to celebrate the launch of her debut fragrance.

Thousands of die-hard fans including many that had spent the night outside the store lined up to meet her. The first lucky 200 people who bought the fragrance were given a VIP pass to have their fragrance signed by Kim herself.

Kim was met by hoards of  screaming fans and flashing paparazzi lights. The atmosphere was electric and Kim definitely looked just as glamorous in real life as she does on the screen.

I caught up with Kim for an exclusive interview and here’s what she had to say:

Sarah Sian : What did you want to achieve with launching your fragrance?
Kim Kardashian: From the beginning, I wanted to create a fragrance that I would be proud to put my name on, a true representation of me.
Why do you think perfumes as so important to women? How will your fragrance make them feel? Fragrance has the ability to transform any look adding instant femininity and allure. Unlike clothes and shoes there’s no question of fit so there’s no aspect of self-doubt or criticism just pure beauty. That’s what Kim Kardashian evokes—true beauty.

Sarah: What sides of your personality come out in the fragrance?
Kim: I’ve always defined myself through my style, and fragrance is one way I’ve always expressed myself, ever since I was little. More than any other accessory, there’s something about fragrance that instantly evokes a specific mood and feeling—it’s a great way to communicate who I am.

Sarah: Do you believe in having one signature scent or scents for different moods/times of day?
Kim: I used to choose different scents for different occasions but since I developed my signature scent I find myself wearing it with everything.

Sarah: Are you planning to release any more scents?
Kim: Yes, I absolutely loved the process so you can definitely expect more to come.

Sarah: Describe the smell of your scent?
Kim: I really took inspiration from the feminine, pretty things I surround myself with—I thought about what makes me feel confident and special, and translated that into a fragrance. We used gorgeous, crisp floral notes that definitely capture my girly side. I incorporated some of my favorite notes – like jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood – so it’s a sensual, feminine scent that can take you from day to night.

Sarah: How does it sum up the essence of Kardashian?
Kim: It’s about femininity and confidence. It’s a little bit sultry and seductive, but still subtle and mysterious.

Sarah: How did you come up with the scent and the design of the bottle?
Kim: The design totally reflects the pretty, feminine feel of the fragrance—it’s definitely girly, but with a chic, enticing edge. Like my style, there’s a blend of classic and modern influences at play that create a kind of tension.

Sarah: How does it differ from other celebrity scents?
Kim: I was 100% involved. I’m so not the kind of person to just put my name on something—I wanted to make sure that the scent really reflected me and the things I love.

The new fragrance is available to buy in selected stores and and online.

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