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Want the bright eyes and fresh-faced visage of your former self? In our final Q&A session with renowned skincare specialist Ole Henriksen, we discuss how to effectively  reverse the signs of ageing, and revive the area around the eyes. 

Anti-ageing is one of the most common skincare concerns. What products do you recommend to combat wrinkles, dark circles and uneven skintone?
So I would say for that woman with those concerns, I would immediately say purchase The Three Little Wonders. The beauty is that when I developed it, it really was based on the fact that a lot of clients would come to me and say “Ole, I have uneven skin tone, my skin looks sallow, dull and lifeless, I lost some of the firmness, I have lines and wrinkles, I am frustrated and have tried a lot of different things. So I went in the lab and decided, “OK I am going to work on products that address every single concern, with a high concentration of active ingredients, still being calming, still being soothing, and I arrived at The Three Little Wonders – this kit sells mega here in the UK. In it you have the Truth Serum, which we discussed – where the different types of vitamin C will address the uneven skin tone. Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize, was a man who helped guide me with the formulation.

So that you apply in the morning, and then you do the Sheer Transformation Crème on top. So the Sheer Transformation Crème also has natural alpha hydroxyl acids in it so that removes the dead skin cells, it brightens and works on the lines and wrinkles, and has all the other actives I mentioned before. Then at night, the Invigorating Night Treatment based on 12 different kinds of acids, based on algae, that will of course slough away dead skin like crazy, reducing lines and wrinkles, retexturing and dissolving even little millia and little impurities under the skin. And then you do the Sheer on top, making all the actives work in synergy. It’s gel-based, all light in texture, and in seven days you see an awesome improvement and in 4 weeks it’s extraordinary. And what’s been interesting to seeis  the addiction factor to these products.

Power peel

In addition to that, you want to take yourself to the Power Peel level, and do the Power Peel twice a month. The Power Peel is actually because of Charlize Theron, who being a client what 15 or 16 years had always been a big fan of microdermabrasion, and Charlize wanted something that would emulate the benefits while on location, so I decided to create basically a 3-step that combines the effects of a microdermabrasion and an acid peel in one. So it’s what they pay a lot of money for at the clinic, to do at home. The first step is bamboo stem powder mixed in with walnut particles, oatmeal, honey, and almond. The polish is smooth, you apply on the surface in tiny circular motions, you rinse it, you put on the peel afterwards, you feel it go to work and after 3 minutes you do the chamomile comfort on top. You have 6 treatments in the box. It has won 5 internaitonal awards including 2 here in the UK and 3 overseas. This is literally better than going and having to spend money at the clinic or at the doctor’s office – and the results are awesome. So from an anti-aging point of view, between The Three Little Wonders, and this, you are light years ahead. And again – the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, absolutely.

Will this combo brighten dark eye circles as well?
It does, because the caffeic acid [in the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel] is awesome for dark circles. I started by grating cucumbers and wrapping them in gauze, and we still do that at the clinic with the mask.  I decided to take the cucumbers and “put them on steroids” and create this formulation – so it’s extraordinary on that level. But I will say that I created the Eye Peel Concentrate to go even further as far as dark circles. With this we have B&A photos where within 30 days there is an 80% of improvement in dark circles, but also dealing with lines, wrinkles and texture. Regu®-age is the key driver – soy and rice bran protein – it enhances micro-circulation, and there’s natural acids in there. There are also saccharides, to calm and soothe. You take a little drop and massage all around the eye and let it soak in.

The dream team for eyes: Truth is in the Eyes Eye Peel Concentrate, Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, Total Truth Eye Crème

Ahead of our meeting, I had written the following letter to Ole about my skincare concerns…

Dear Ole,
My main concern is the skin around my undereye area. I haven’t been able to find anything I can use around my eyes to prevent wrinkles and combat dryness. I have tried many brands and the reaction is always the same: it’s fine for a week or so, and then undereye skin gets even drier to the point that it starts flaking and is very uncomfortable. I would love to find something to use under my eyes to hydrate and smooth that is really gentle. Thanks in advance, Anabel

Here’s what Ole recommended after he had a look:

“As far as eye product, what matters for you is that I definitely would say you should use the Eye Peel Concentrate. You take a little drop, there are the Regu®-age, there are the natural acids, there are sea emollients in there, very soothing and comforting. Apply from the temple region, all the way under on the other side, let it soak in, do the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel on top, do it on the brow bone, eyelids, under the eyes. It’s thoroughly hydrating, it is thoroughly firming. You don’t have tired, fatigue looking eyes [Editor’s note: phew!] but certainly you want to do preventative care anyway. So the gel you will love and make it the last step, so you don’t dilute the benefits in the temple region. And you’re going to feel it constrict, you’re going to feel a little bit of a sticky feel because of the hyaluronic acid – that’s okay. Because you want the surface mantle to be protected as well. It is one of the top selling eye products in the world because it delivers awesome results. So that’s for night. You’ll do the peel and this on top. And then for day,  I would recommend the Total Truth Eye Cream, it has an SPF of 15 and it has all these wonderful essential fatty acids, so those will again, protect and keep the skin soft and soluble, and the peptides for firming and lifting properties. So this you will do just temple region, and on the brow bone, not on the eyelid during the day. Because the cream could melt into the eyes. The gel stays in place and will not melt into your eyes. You’re going to love it.”

And love it I did. In truth, I’ve become weary about putting anything near my ultra-sensitive eye area. So when I got home with my three eye products, I employed a restrained baby-steps approach. Tiny bits of gel, peel and cream. Then I increased, and quickly saw that my skin seemed to love the product. My eyes looked increasingly more revived when I followed the regime and now, I generously slather them on in confidence. No bad reactions which I never believed was possible for me. I particularly love the eye gel, very soothing as Ole says, but I also love the feeling of the peel’s vitamin C going to work, and the pleasantly oily, nutritive texture of the cream. I’m very happy to finally have an eyecare regime in place and would highly recommend all three products. 

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