Quick & Easy Halloween Tricks by Make Up Forever

If you’re looking for Halloween inspiration then look no further. Make Up Forever have put together some clever Halloween beauty tricks that are glamorous and spooky all at the same time. 


pale skin


Deathly Pale Skin
Step 1: Mix Artist Shadow in M-126 Chalk with HD Ultra Liquid Foundation in a light/pale shade.

Step 2: Use the Ellipse Sponge or Foundation Brush to apply the mixture all over the face for a transparent coverage.

Step 3: Set the foundation with HD Powder.

fake blood


Fake Blood
Step 1: Mix Rouge Artist n.41 Satin Rust and n.48 Satin Blackcurrant with the gloss of an Aqua Rouge.

Step 2: Use a small sponge to dab the mixture onto the desired areas to create realistic texture effects or use the back of a foundation brush for more precision.



Step 1: Use your finger to dab Rouge Artist n.44 Satin Brownish Red onto the desired area of the face or body in a non-uniform manner.

Step 2: Intensify this area with small touches of Rouge Artist in n.48 Satin Blackcurrant to represent the point of impact and create a sense of depth.

Step 3: Use eyelash brush in n.274 to create blood vessels or capillaries.


covered eyebrows


Covered Eyebrows
Step 1: Use Eyelash Brush in n.274 to brush the eyebrows upwards so that they are as flat as possible. Seal with Brow Seal and dust with HD Powder.

Step 2: Use the Ellipse Sponge to dab on Full Cover to lighten the eyebrows for greater coverage.

Step 3: Set with HD Powder.

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