Skincare Bible: Tried & Tested Clinique

Today we’re putting Clinique in the spotlight. Here’s what Georgia Souter, Senior Beauty Marketing Coordinator had to say about the products she put to the test. 

Clinique 2



Reviewer: Georgia Souter – Senior Beauty Marketing Coordinator

Skin Type: Normal to dry

Skin Concern: Lack of radiance and hydration

Clinique products trialled:
Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil
Clarifying Lotion Toner 2
Smart Custom Serum
Turnaround Daytime Moisturiser
Even Better Eyes Corrector

Overall Review:
Really liked the smart custom serum, the texture was silky smooth and in really saw the difference in skin tone.

The Toner 2 was great at removing all signs of dirt and make-up, although it’s quite potent in smell it really cleared my skin and reduced blackheads.

Eye cream – easy to apply and helped lift those dark circles first thing in the morning!

How did you use the product? Any special technique?
For the serum I used in an upwards circular motion to avoid pulling at the skin. With the toner I only used a very small amount as it smells quite strong and goes a long way!

How did the product make your skin feel?
Very happy with the Clinique range

– After 1st use
My skin felt great and really clean

– After 1 week
Skin still feels good and had only a minor reaction to the products

Did your skincare routine improve any of your specific problem areas?
My skin pigment appeared to be more even and clearer. The dark circles under my eyes seemed to be less visible throughout the day.

Would you reuse the routine or adapt in any way?
I would definitely reuse the serum and the toner and incorporate the products with my overall skincare regime. I would use cotton pads instead of fingertips, especially removing eye makeup.

Any other information you’d like to add?
Wash cleanser off thoroughly and pat face dry before Toner.

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