Skincare Bible: Tried & Tested Estee Lauder

Today, we’re putting Estee Lauder skincare in the spotlight. Here’s what Lauren Thornton, Senior Beauty Marketing Manager has to say about the products she put to the test. 




PRODUCT REVIEW: Estee Lauder One Dimension

Skin Type: Normal/Combination


Reviewer: Lauren Thornton, Senior Beauty Marketing Manager

Products used:
Advanced Night Repair Eye
Supreme Eye Cream
Perfectly Clean Cleanser
Perfectly Clean Toning Lotion Refiner
New Dimension Serum 
Day Wear Moisturiser

Overall Review:
I’ve always been a user of Estée Lauder make up so was excited to try out their skincare regime and no surprise I’ve loved it. Particularly the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum and the new New Dimension Serum.

How did you use the product? Any special technique?
I’m no stranger to using 5 skincare products in the morning and although it sounds like a lot I do feel like it makes a difference to my skin.

How did the product make your skin feel?
Advanced Night Repair Eye – this silky loveliness is my now go to eye cream. Leaves my under eyes feeling wide awake and loved.
Supreme Eye Cream – like my moisturiser I favour a thick cream and this is luxuriously thick. I used this in the evenings to rejuvenate my tired eyes and it does the trick!
Perfectly Clean Cleanser – I’ve been using this more like a mask every other day. It is extremely moisturising and gives my skin a little boost (also smells gorgeous), which is needed now the cold weather is upon us.
Perfectly Clean Toning Lotion Refiner- Out of all the steps this is the one I might miss but I’ve been strict with myself and used a toner for 2wks straight and it has made a difference.
New Dimension Serum – I love the texture of this product and one pump goes a long way. Leaves my skin looking a little pearlescent too!
Day Wear Moisturiser – my moisturiser would be my desert island must-have and this one doesn’t disappoint. Again I’m all about the texture and richness and this delivers on both points.

Did your skincare routine improve any of your specific problem areas?
By using toner, I’ve found that my serum and moisturiser will go into my skin more effectively and leave me with a dewy glow.

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