Did you know that a good skincare routine leads to better make up application?

Some people think that investing money in make up is the trick to looking good but by investing in a good skincare routine . So, whatever make up you’re using from cheaper brands to more expensive ones, they will look and sit better on the skin once you’ve nailed your skincare.

If you haven’t found the skincare hero of your dreams yet, take a look at the latest ones that are creating a buzz. We highly recommend you give the a go…

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Elemis Biotech
BIOTEC has been over 3 years in the making and is scientifically proven to increase cell energy. It has been created to address the effects of your lifestyle like ageing, UV exposure, stress, diet, pollution and menopause that can cause skin to look dull and tired and give it a powerful wake up call. A potent BIO-ENERGY™ complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper, combined with a trio of acids and Amber, energises the skin to maintain its natural vitality. The NEW Energising Skincare System helps to re-boot skin’s performance for a thriving, vibrant and freshly revived complexion.

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Estee Lauder Daywear
Continuing on from the success of Estee lauder Nightwear, the new kid to hit the block is Estee lauder daywear. Dubbed as ‘the most important thing you’ll put on today’, this is an effective anti-oxidant moisturiser that defends against and diminishes the appearance of signs of premature ageing. The oil-free formula helps safeguard skin with advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen offers the best UVA defence.

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil 
If you thought 8 Hour Skin Protectant couldn’t be beaten for its multi-tasking benefits, Elizabeth Arden introduces Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil, a new oil that can be used on the face, body and hair. Presented in a super-sleek bottle,  sleek bottle, this essential oil also brings a spa-inspired experience to your everyday life with the delicately citrus, floral scent that promotes a sense of well-being.

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Lancome Energie De Vie Liquid Moisturiser 
It’s the green juice your skin needs,  Lancome Energie De Vie Lotion is an all-in-one skincare, designed to be as fresh as a lotion, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturising as a Lancôme cream. Bursting with moisturising, antioxidant and energizing active ingredients, it leaves skin fresh and radiant and delivers smoothing and plumping effects. It’s everything millenials and beyond need to help tackle the stresses of urban fatigue.

Plus, you can now save 10% on all skincare, so if you’re thinking of swapping your skincare for something new this is the perfect time to give them a go.

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