The BAFTAS 2016 – Behind the Scenes with Lancome

There’s one thing that makes February a glamorous occasion each year and it’s not Valentine’s night… it’s the star-studded BAFTAS (British Academy Film Awards), and we’re uber excited to see who the fashion faves and fashion-fails of the night will be. 

But, one thing that is (usually) always perfect is the make up looks that grace the red carpet – from a bold red lip to a sultry, smouldering smoky eye, make up artists at the BAFTAS use their magic tools and pro-tips to create a variety of enviable looks that make us swoon.

Thanks to Lancome, the official Beauty Partners for the BAFTAS, you too can create your own red-carpet beauty look.  We caught up with Head Make up Artist, Shehla Shaikh a few hours ahead of the BAFTAS to find out some insider tips and tricks.

Q. Do you have any particular looks you’ll create for the night?
There are three key looks we go with which you adapt in terms of colour according to whoever you’re making up, what they’re wearing, how their hair is etc, so for example a statement lip. This year I think I’ll do a lip and groomed strong-ish brow. According to the person I’ll keep it quite fresh with a little bit of liner and lots of mascara, or do a nice flick with it.

The second look is a smoky eye but my own unstructured style and I’ll team that with a nude lip.

The third look is called the ‘radiance look’ so I’ll balance warm pink rosy hues on the eyes, lips and the cheek so there’s not one main feature but all three come together to create a glowing complexion.

I personally like going for a strong lip as it looks good in the pictures afterwards. It really stands out and looks super strong and as it’s the red carpet, it’s all about the glamour.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 18.25.07

Q. What’s your favourite Lancome lip colour to use on the red carpet?
For a red lip I would go for Rouge in Love in 185. It’s like that perfect red, it’s not too blue, it’s not too orange, it’s a perfect pillar box red. I’m also quite partial to going for a berry lip as well like the Rouge in Love in 379N, especially if someone has got dark hair, green or hazel eyes as the colour works really well. The Rouge in Love lipsticks are really nice because they have a strong pigment so you get the colour payoff straight away.


Q. What products do you use to keep make-up lasting longer on the night?
In terms of skincare, I always make sure that that’s right as it’s the base for the make up. We use the Clarisonic, I’m a huge fan, so that for me is a perfect skin prep because it leaves the skin really smooth and then your makeup holds and lasts better.

Rather than using a cream moisturiser, I always use a Hydra Zen Cream-Gel which creates a non-slick effect on the skin so the product can hold and sit better. I basically start using light layers and then a primer. I use Effet Miracle Primers  on the T-zone and to minimise pores and then I always use La Base Hydra Glow on the tops of the cheekbones and over the brows, just where the light is really going to hit, to create that gorgeous glowing complexion. Primers also help makeup to last longer. Then I mix two foundations together so I use Teint Idole Ultra Foundation and Teint Miracle foundation.

So the Teint Idole is a 24-hour wearing foundation which I use when I want a fresh matte finish but most of the time I want to add that radiance into the skin as well so I’ll mix with a little bit of the Teint Miracle or apply Teint Miracle in certain parts of the face like the cheeks to add radiance. I always make sure I use a pressed translucent powder just on the T-zone rather than all over the face because as much as the look is for red carpet, the actress has to wear it throughout the day and feel comfortable.

For lips, I will always prime with a little bit of concealer and then layer it with a lip pencil. Fill the lip pencil across the whole lip and then apply Rouge in Love lipstick on the top, blot it, put another layer on, blot it and then put another layer on, so the more layers you put on the more it presses and fixes in to the lips to last longer. If you’re going on a night out this is a good trick to keep your lipstick lasting, even with a foundation, rather than applying it all in one go I just build it in layers and give it a dab and then go onto the next layer where it’s needed.

For the eyes I use La Base Paupieres which is an eye base, again that’s very good for using on the lips because it just holds it in place.


Q. If you were going to recommend an easy ready carpet beauty look using just a few Lancome must-haves, what would you recommend?
A. Go for the strong lip look because I would say it’s easier because I think sometimes women can feel not as confident creating an eye makeup look so this way you can go for the lip and just make one statement. I would use La Base Hydra Glow primer to get that glow on the skin and then I would use Teint Miracle Foundation for the radiance, but you still get that nice flawless finish with it. You could go between that and the Teint Idole 24 hour because it depends on your skin type as well, if someone is quite oily they’re probably going to want to go for the fresh matte finish, whereas if someone is just normal to dry they’ll probably want the radiance.

I would use the Teint Miracle Pen which is a concealer that has light reflective particles so if you imagine a big triangle under the eyes coming to a point in the middle of the cheek and then blending it into the centre of the face, it adds light which makes the look look really beautiful.

For the lashes I’d go for Grandiose Mascara to really make a statement, you could go for a Liner Plume for a really sharp flick if you want to add that little bit more onto the eyes and then we have Belle de Teint Contouring Powder, if you’re like a medium to light complexion then Number 4 would be perfect, that’s the most perfect contouring shade so I’d contour with that and then sweep it across the eyes as well.

For the brows, because brows are really important, I use the new Sourcils Brow Gel which is 20 hour wear. It is a gel but you can also use them as eyeliner if you want to.To finish, I match a lip pencil to the lipstick, so if you go for my favourite red, Rouge in Love 185 or if you want berry go for 379 or a tangerine can look quite nice, go for Rouge in Love in 170 or 146.


Q. Can you share any insider tips on how to nail the ultimate smoky eye?
A. I would say to not be too scared of it because there’s lots of different types of smoky eyes you can do. The easiest way I find is if you start with a base, so the La Base Paupieres  on the eyes to make sure that the eye shadow will stay in place but also helps the eye colour to come out truer and stops any oil on the lid from coming through.

Prime the eyelid with that and underneath across the lower lash line and then go for one shade which is not too dark or too light, but a mid-tone range like a taupe or warm grey because they’re quite neutral, you can apply it all over the top lid and just bring it upwards and outwards like it’s going towards the end of your eyebrow and then using the same colour, bringing it underneath the lower lid, because it’s a midtone colour it looks more natural on the skin and it sits better so it doesn’t look like it’s out of place.

Really blend the edges of the eyeshadow, so it almost looks like you’ve done it with your fingers, so you know when you get that easy, cool eye where it just looks a bit smudged out and then I would use a Black Kohl Pencil and line inside the eyes and smudge it across the top lid as well and then finish with Grandiose Mascara in black. This mascara is super black, as soon as you put it on and it looks like you’ve got eyeliner on so if you wanted to, you could put that on first and see if you want to deepen your look or not. Then you could have it without the black liner if you wanted to, for example if you’re not really used to wearing a deep eye, something like that I think would work really well. You could use a pearly highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and under the arch of the brows to help catch the light and give the eyes a good lift as well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 19.05.17

LFW Julien McDonald by L’Oreal

Q. Do you have a favourite spring/summer 16 beauty trend?
I like the grungy eye look which I might be playing around with this weekend and trying out my take on that which is suitable for the red carpet. That to me looks cool as it’s an update on the classic smoky eye.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 19.08.02

Q. Do you have an all time favourite BAFTA makeup look which you created?
A. I did Lily James three years ago where I did a taupe-metallic smoky eye on her. It was one of those really cool looks and I added a warm rosy lip, using my favourite lipstick which was Rogue in Love 240N.

Q. Do celebrities get any say in what make up you do?
It’s a joint decision, we will have a look at what they’re wearing and normally I work with the hair dresser and we will discuss hair and then I will then decide what the makeup is going to be. Usually as soon as I see the outfit and see the actress, I will have an idea in my head of what will look really good. I want to make sure that the actress is happy with their look, I don’t want to take them so far away from what they would normally wear themselves because if they’ve got all eyes on them for that night so I want to make sure that they are completely comfortable with the look they’re wearing. So if they’ve never worn a red lip in their life and they’re always wearing nude, I wouldn’t suggest going for red but maybe I’d go towards a nice warm pinky nude, just so they feel comfortable with what they are in.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 19.11.11

Q. If you could do anyone’s makeup who would be your dream celebrity?
I’d love to do Penelope Cruz, I think she’s absolutely beautiful and she’s one of our ambassadors as well. With her deep brown eyes and dark features, she’s got the perfect face, you could just do anything. You could do an eye, you could do a lip, I just think you could have a lot of fun with taking on a look for her. I would go for something really warm and bronzey which would look gorgeous on her.


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