The Most Asked Beauty Questions of 2016

Ever wondered what the most asked beauty questions are? Google has released the most searched beauty questions of 2016 and we’ve got all the answers with some handy videos to help along the way.

From how to do a smokey eye to how to make a face mask, we asked the experts how to solve the most in demand beauty questions…

Question 1: How to make your hair grow faster?

Ever come back from the hairdressers with the sinking feeling of hair that’s a little shorter than you wanted? It’s no wonder this was the top searched beauty question of the year.

The Solution

Unfortunately, hair cannot grow any faster than it is programmed to do genetically. However, well-conditioned locks will prevent breakages so that your hair can be longer faster. Look to hair treatments, oils and conditioners to ensure your locks stay in optimum condition.


Shop from left: L’Occitaine en Provence hair mask, Aveda moisturising hair oil, Aveda Damage Remedy hair treatment, Kiehl’s Olive fruit oil hair pack. 

Question 2: How to do a smokey eye?

The perennial smokey eye is a beauty classic and one our favourite looks all year round. There’s been so many variations of the smokey eye look this year, from the daytime smokey eye to the coloured smokey eye look.

The Solution

The best way to solve this question is to learn from the experts, so take a look at our YSL tutorial. Top tip: Investing in smokey eye palettes are sure to help you on your way to the perfect smokey eye look.

Question 3: How to do nail art?

Whether you’re sporting festive nails for Christmas or just want to jazz up your nails, nail art is the perfect way to add a little something special to your weekly manicure.

The Solution

Unfortunately there is no easy way to learn nail art, other than practice makes perfect. Our advice is start easy; use tape as guides and cotton buds to create polka dots. Here are a couple of our favourite easy nail art styles:


Also, check out our Illamasqua festive nail art video for an easy-to-follow guide.


Question 4: How to make a face mask?

With natural and organic skincare becoming an essential part of everyone’s beauty regimes, it’s no surprise that one of the most searched questions is how to make your own.

The Solution

There’s been plenty of face mask recipes created but we favour the simple ones. Try foods like avocado, honey, lemon and turmeric to give your skin a boost. Otherwise, use the cheats option with Origins Mix and Mask pods.


Question 5: How to french braid?

Hair is one of the trickiest beauty issues to solve. Whether it’s how to do a fishtail braid, how to plait or how to do the perfect blow-out, practice makes perfect.

The Solution

Yet again, there is no easy solution to this beauty problem. It requires practice but once you’ve got it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. Here are the key steps:

1.Section hair into 3 parts
2.Start to plait the hair as normal
3.Then each time you cross over the middle-pick up hair from the side

Top Tip: Use a comb to section the hair as you lift it for an ultra-neat finish.

If you fancy trying something different, why not check out our fishtail braid tutorial?

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