Tried and Tested: Transitional Skincare Regime

Editorial Assistant, Daisy Carling-Rose, gives us the low down on her new skincare routine for the cooler autumn weather. 

“After trial and error of various different brands, it was time to switch to a new beauty regime. I decided to try three new products and shake up my daily moisturiser routine and address my current skin situation: extremely unwanted spots and blemishes, as well as dry skin from this (again, unwanted) cold weather.”

  1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A night-time elixir containing ingredients such as evening primrose oil, omega-6 fatty acids and lavender oil that moisturises dehydrated and tired skin.


  1. Origins A Perfect Word Antioxidant Moisturiser With White Tea

Including world-famous white tea, anti-agers and anti-stress ingredients, this moisturiser maximises skin’s moisture barrier with vitamin c for brightening and evening out skin tone.


  1. Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster For Face

When added to any day or night cream, this made-to-measure tan adds a simple glow to your daily moisturiser routine – just add 1, 2 or 3 drops.


Day 1:

After night one of using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Elixir, without the use of night cream on top (the concentrate can be worn under or without moisturiser) I felt that it gave my skin the perfect amount of moisture without being oily and the areas of my skin that appeared dehydrated appeared much smoother. Usually, after cleansing my face in the morning my skin is left feeling extremely dry and tight but I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin retaining the moisture from the midnight recovery elixir.

After actually reading the packaging of my new Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (due to stupidly attempting to test the product on my bare hand and leaving a hugely unwanted brown stain on my palm) I added two drops to my new Origins moisturiser, as I was slightly unsure exactly how much to use. The moisturiser alone, before adding the drops, had a beautifully potent scent to it and appeared wonderfully rich and creamy; yet when applied to skin, the cream felt extremely light. The moisturiser left my skin oil-free and as it happened to be an extremely cold morning, I felt that I was protected against the freezing cold winds (along with my new Nine by Savannah Miller fur coat) as my face felt full of moisture all morning. After developing around two hours later, the tan gave my skin a lovely glow beneath my foundation and my hands were left tan-free.

Week 1:

After a week of my new regime solidly for a week, I’m starting to really see the difference in my skin. It feels more radiant and doesn’t lack moisture and I’ve had compliments from friends and colleagues commenting that it looks a lot better.

The Clarins Glow Booster is only necessary every couple of days and works a treat for a subtle glow, although I came to the conclusion that as an avid tanner, three or four drops is more suited to my skin. The brown splodge finally rinsed off my hands by the weekend, which taught me not only to wash my hands thoroughly straight after using the product but it also proved that it’s a product that will last on your face.

Despite the overall appearance of my skin looking more radiant and clear, the irritated area on my chin with unwanted blemishes needs to be addressed separately. The next step I’m hoping to try is a spot treatment to directly treat the area, perhaps Kiehl’s Blemish Control Spot Treatment. I’d also like to add a night cream on top of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Elixir for that extra moisture throughout winter.

Overall though, these products are working wonderfully as the temperature drops. The best part? All three products still look practically brand new as you really don’t need much for each application.

They say your skin takes around six weeks to get used to new products, so I’m excited to see how my new regime works out in the long run…

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  1. by Annie on October 11, 2016  2:35 pm Reply

    I use the Kiehls Midnight Recovery and think its amazing. Great for perking up the skin after long days at work. Definitely interested in some glow for winter months. Really helpful

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