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Nina Fordham, Senior Social Marketing Co-ordinator experienced an oily t-zone and eye area, dryness around the skin and a blemish breakout this January. To get her complexion back in tip-top-condition Nina used Murad as her go-to skincare brand. 

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Nina’s Review:

Overall Results…
I am really happy with the results. Murad works wonders on my skin type and I especially liked the no fuss use of all the products. The Time Release Blemish Cleanser melted away my make up and felt lovely and refreshing while the Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 locked in moisture even with a very little amount.  

Time Release Blemish Cleanser
I really liked the tingly/cooling feeling of this on my skin, it also got rid of all my make up on the first wash, even with only a penny size of product.

Rapid Collagen Infusion & Essential-C Moisture SPF 30 
I’ve been using the Rapid Collagen Infusion as a night moisturiser which really targeting the wrinkle concerns on my forehead and then using the Essential C Moisturiser with SPF during the day. They are both really light in feel and texture and I’m able to put my make up on straight away which is an added bonus for mornings when I have little time to get ready!

Essential C- Eye Cream
I’ve been using the Essential C-eye Cream with SPF eye cream which also has a light texture and gives a very smooth finish. I love it as it also allows for quick absorption and all day protection.

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Any other products:
Blemish Clearing Solution, I started using this prior to the other products as I had a breakout with my previous routine so was desperately hoping this would help. Within just 4 days of using the Time Release Blemish Cleanser paired with the Blemish Clearing Solution my bad blemished area was visibly clearing. The Clarifying Mask left my skin feeling super smooth and clean, I always take a few hours out of my Sunday for some me time at home so was great to really feel the difference and purify my skin ready for the week ahead with this mask.

How did you use the product? Any special technique?
I washed all my make up off with the Time Release Blemish Cleanser, usually a double cleanse, I then rubbed the Rapid Collagen Infusion into specific line concern areas like my forehead and then would finish with the Essential-C Eye Cream, paying attention to all around the eye socket up around to my eyebrow. 

How did the product make your skin feel?
– Overall
– After 1st use
– After 1 week

Overall: So happy Murad has cleared my skin, I was really worried I was permanently going to be prone to spots as nothing seemed to be clearing it. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with acne prone skin, and who can’t have anything too heavy on their skin.
After 1st Use:
It was very different to anything I’ve recently been using so I was pleasantly surprised, I love the tingly cleanser feeling and was super impressed that the Time Release Cleanser literally got rid of all my make up with very little rubbing of my skin.
After 1 week:
Within the first 4 days I noticed a reduction in blemishes and after 6 days they had really settled so I was over the moon. Now after over 3 weeks I can only see a slight red mark from where a previous blemish had been.

Did your skincare routine improve any of your specific problem areas?
YES…my blemishes are gone, I’m now looking forward to settling some dryness and also trying out the Essential C Moisturiser on holiday to see some full protection from the SPF 30 and the SPF 15 eye cream. These are also great as they aren’t greasy at all, so I’ve found that I can put make up on almost straight away, whereas normally I’d have to wait for it to soak in a little. Which is an added bonus when in a rush before work.

Would you reuse the routine or adapt in any way?
I would love to try more of the Murad range, especially adding in a serum and a specific night cream so I feel I’ve got more moisture through the night. This is now my go to product especially when I have irritated skin.

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