An Exclusive Interview With Savannah Miller

In the run up to the launch of her brand new Nine by Savannah Miller bridal range, we caught up with Savannah to get an exclusive insight to the new collection. Talking all things beaded, bridal and boho, take a read to find out what’s in store for this exciting new range.

So, before we get onto your bridal collection, how have you enjoyed designing your Nine collection with us?

Amazing, I really love working for Debenhams. Nobody has been able to get inside my head like they have and they really work hard at making sure everything is honest and true to me which I really think is reflected in the collection.

What is it about Debenhams that made you want to design collections for us?

Having been at the slightly higher price point earlier on in my career, and then coming down to the high-street level and realising I can achieve the same thing pretty much for a much smaller price is really exciting for me. I’ve got three children now, and I can’t justify buying designer clothing anymore because I can dress my children on the high-street for six months, if I bought that one t-shirt. I think it’s important that everyone can have those aspirational pieces at an affordable price and in a practical cloth that they can easily throw in a washing machine. So with that, I think Debenhams work really tirelessly to make products look the absolute best they can for a really great value.

What made you want to expand to bridal?

I have a bridal line of my own so it felt like a natural step that we would offer that in the diffusion line as well.

How would you describe the collection?

This collection is the kind of classic, English, bohemian bridal attire for brides, with a real whimsical feel. When I  think of weddings I think about  my childhood and all of the weddings I went to. My parents are both foreign so we travelled for weddings a lot and they were always filled with joy and celebration. They were always a really amazingly relaxed vibe, so I try to emulate these vibes throughout the clothes – it’s meant to be the happiest day of your life and a celebration of love, at the end of the day.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I think probably this (Elegenza bridal dress) as its so beautiful and it looks so much more expensive than it is. All of them have something about them that I love and think can be worn in totally different settings.

Where have you drawn inspiration for these pieces?

I have a big archive of 20’s 30’s 40’s and 70’s clothing that I refer to generally and use for every collection. Things weren’t made back then how they are now – as everything was made by hand, so that really inspires me. I get a lot of inspiration from fabrics and fabric techniques. So my pieces are often quite textural and vintage inspired. I’m collecting images all the time and referring to interesting aspects of clothing I see all the time too.

How would you say the modern day bride has shaped current bridal trends?

I think a lot of women now are thinking about being comfortable on their wedding day, they want to enjoy their wedding day. With a lot of brides in the past, there was a more of a traditional silhouette of wearing very structured gowns that were potentially not comfortable at all, which means you then can’t enjoy the day! The whole point of your wedding day is to stand in front of the person you love and promise to love them for the rest of your life – that’s all it is. There’s a trend emerging for these kind of outdoor weddings that aren’t so traditional, where it is a celebration of love which is great.

What’s the best wedding you’ve ever attended?

My wedding was pretty great – I wore this same kind of design I’ve created, very floaty with embroidered chantilly lace on to chiffon which was so delicate and pretty. We had huge giant tepees and an amazing band, a big fire pit and long tables of feasting. It really was a Pinterest dream but it was pre-Pinterest days – it was a wonderful celebration!

What can we expect to see in the future from you.. Do you have any plans for branching out on departments with Debenhams?

I really want to have more of an occasion and evening range – the Nine woman wants to go out at night and look fabulous, so we need to flesh that out a bit. And I really want to do kidswear, but I know that’ll come in time. I really love working with Debenhams so there will definitely be some exciting stuff to come.

Explore the new collection and shop the Nine by Savannah Miller bridal collection.

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