Foodie February with Franco Manca

We all find ourselves reaching for carb heavy, soul food when it’s cold outside or we’ve had a bad day. Nothing heals a broken heart like your mum’s homemade pie and mash or the biggest bowl of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. But what we all really need when it’s cold and rainy outside and we don’t want to leave the house, is the carb king himself, the doughy, cheesy, tomatoey goodness that is pizza. If you are a pizza lover and haven’t heard of Franco Manca then where have you been living? Well crawl out from under your rock and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Who are Franco Manca?

In 1986 Francos was a pizzeria in Brixton Market owned by, you guessed it, a guy called Franco. By 2008 he had had enough and asked his friend Giuseppe Mascoli if he wanted to take it over. Giuseppe and his friend Bridget Hugo, an artisan baker, took it over and called it Franco Manca, (Italian for “Franco is missing”) in homage to Franco’s hard work. Franco Manco prides themselves in properly sourcing, small suppliers and seasonal ingredients. When you eat at Franco Manca, you support people working close to the land. Small farms = Big taste It’s good to know where the things on your plate come from, learn more about where their ingredients come from here.

Real Italian Pizza

Not only is the sourdough base freshly made each day but all the ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal, so the menu changes all the time to accommodate the most seasonal vegetables. Each month one of Italy’s most exciting chefs get the chance to create their very own guest pizza (n07), each one is based on their regional heritage and is made with real authentic Italian ingredients. Now you have an excuse to visit at least once a month, call it ‘research’ and eat as much pizza as you possibly can.

Editor’s picks

I am one of the many millions and millions of people who have fallen into a deep and unhealthy relationship with pizza, and however much I try I just can’t turn away, nor do I want to. Even when I was vegan for January I still managed to get my pizza fix in the form on the special N07. However, my all-time favourite topping for a pizza has to be prosciutto, I just love a cheesy doughy pizza with soft chewy ham on top. Yes, it might not be the most adventurous but you just can’t beat a classic and Franco manca’s Gloucester old spot ham, mozzarella, ricotta & wild mushroom pizza is my top recommendation… you’ll thank me later.

Debenhams X Franco Manca

We are incredibly lucky to have Franco Manca in three of our Debenhams stores, so head over to Reading, Bournemouth or Westfield and grab yourself a slice or four, and if you can manage it, a slice of their delicious tiramisu.



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