How to throw a Chinese New Year party

Are you excited for the year of the pig?  Well, we are because, in traditional Chinese culture, pigs symbolise fortune and wealth as they have chubby faces and big ears (rude) so we thought we would show you how to throw the best Chinese new year party plus the best place to eat out of cooking isn’t your thing.

Certain “lucky” foods are eaten during the Chinese new year celebrations for their symbolic meaning. during the 16-day festival, food is served for the purpose of bringing luck for the coming year. We have found five dishes all with special meanings to celebrate Chinese new year, if you decide to give these a go then click the link here to buy some appropriate cooking utensils.

Spring rolls- Wealth

Spring rolls are usually eaten during the spring festival (hence the name) as a way of welcoming the arrival of spring. The golden cylindrical shaped rolls represent golden bars which symbolise wealth. Traditionally they are cut in half and dipped into various sauces, soy sauce, sweet chilli etc and are filled with lots of vegetables and meat,( click here for the perfect dipping bowls) Who knew our favourite takeaway item was so important to Chinese culture?


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Dumplings- Wealth

Considered traditional spring festival food dumplings are said to bring good financial fortune, and the more you eat the better your fortune is said to be. They are associated with wealth as they look like ingots (the currency used in old times), and the different flavours you can use also have different meanings – Celery- industriousness resulting in wealth, Cabbage- the blessing of a good life, mushroom- increasing wealth and luck, fish- surplus wealth and beef- strong economic growth.


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Longevity noodles- happiness and longevity

In China, noodles are a staple dish for all celebrations, especially New Year. They are much longer than traditional noodles as they symbolise long life for whoever is eating them. They are usually deep fried and served with meat and veggies on a plate or deep fried and served in a delicious broth. In Chinese tradition, longevity was believed to be the ultimate blessing and whenever noodles are served they are not allowed to be cut short as you would be at risk of cutting your lifespan short. Click here to shop our range of stir fry pans perfect for cooking these delicious noodles.

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Steamed fish-increase in prosperity and longevity

Steamed fish is the most famous Chinese New Year recipe. Chinese people lie to finish the year with a surplus as they believe it will mean they can make more and more each year. As steamed fish symbolises an increase in prosperity and longevity the steamed fish is the last dish to be eaten and there is always some left.

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Chi Kitchen  Chinese New Year menu 

If cooking isn’t your strong suit, or you know you’ll never make anything as good as an authentic Asian restaurant then look no further. From 1 to 10 February, guests will find three special dishes for the Year of the Pig at Chi Kitchen in Debenhams. The highlight of the special menu is the Lo Sang with Salmon (£13.50). The auspicious dish features pieces of raw salmon placed atop fine julienne of pomelo, sweet pickled ginger shreds, greens together with fried taro strips and wonton strips to add variation in texture.

Chinese New Year festivities often involve the practice of many traditions – one of which is the tossing of the Lo Sang Prosperity Toss Salad for good fortune followed by saying of auspicious phrases before eating it. “Lo” literally means “tossing up good fortune”, the fun and tasty salad symbolize abundance, prosperity, and vigor. It is believed that the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead.


Along the Chinese New Year selections are the Stir-fry Chilli Prawns (£16.80) Shrimp is regarded as a kind of lucky foods associated to Chinese New Year as “shrimp” is homophonous with “laughter” in Chinese. Chi Kitchen presents Mandarin Cheesecake £6.95 to end the meal on a sweet note.

Visit our Oxford Street store to experience all that the amazing Chi kitchen has to offer, and don’t forget to try some of the amazing Chinese New Year dishes.

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