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Introducing our newest activewear brand, Lorna Jane. Created in Australia, Lorna Jane brings its award-winning Active Living lifestyle to the UK. Based on the principles of Move, Nourish and Believe, Lorna Jane offers fashionable yet functional activewear. From hi-tech sports bras in bold colours to functional leggings in cool prints, you’ll find everything you need to get moving in style.

To celebrate the launch, we caught up with the founder and creator, Lorna Jane Clarkson, to find out how she achieves an active lifestyle and what we should buy from the range.

Lorna Jane

How did the Lorna Jane brand begin?

It actually started on my Dining Room table! I was working as a fitness instructor and couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear, so I started making my own by cutting up my old swimsuits, making newspaper patterns and creating my own designs.  When I started wearing them to the gym, all the women in my classes wanted what I was wearing, so I started taking orders and making the very first Lorna Jane pieces. I became so flooded with orders that my house was an absolute mess, but I was having the time of my life, so I decided to take the plunge and do it full time!

Describe the Lorna Jane woman in 3 words.

Positive, determined and inspiring.


So your range features technical yet feminine activewear – where did this inspiration to start creating your own range come from?

Like I said before, when I was working as a fitness instructor the only activewear available was really boring, even masculine and it didn’t inspire me to want to work out, so I started making it myself. I honestly believe that when you wear activewear, you become more active, and you’ll make better food choices because you’re hardly going to order McDonalds when you’re in workout clothes, right? That’s why it’s so important for me to keep designing activewear that actually makes women want to wear it everywhere!


What are the key Lorna Jane products that we should buy?

Forget the little black dress, I think every woman should own a pair of perfectly fitting black leggings. They’re the ultimate wardrobe staple and are versatile enough to be worn everywhere from the gym and the markets, right through to work and even restaurants. We have an amazing range of Core Stability leggings that hold you in all the right places – what’s not to love! Another must-have piece is a Lorna Jane sports bra – famous for being super cute, supportive and extremely comfortable- you won’t want to wear another bra ever.


sports bra



Athleisure is a key trend; can we wear Lorna Jane outside of the gym too?

We like to call it active every wear. The only place I think you can’t wear activewear is to a wedding or a funeral. All of our products are designed for women by women. Because we understand how demanding life can be, we make a real effort to design pieces that are both fashionable and functional so you can wear them all day without having to worry about going home and getting changed before you want to workout.



Lorna Jane’s tag line is Active Living- what does Active Living mean to you?

Active Living is my own personal life philosophy and something I’ve been practicing for as long as I can remember. It makes being fit and healthy really easy and it’s ultimately a decision to change your mind-set and put your health and fitness first. It’s as simple as moving your body every day, eating nutritious foods and adopting a positive mind set.

How do you maintain an active lifestyle?

Through Active Living! My health and fitness is a priority, and even though I run a global business, I still make time to move every day, even if I have to set my alarm an hour earlier. There’s honestly no greater feeling than being fit and healthy. It changes your whole mind-set and I think I’m a better person because of it.

What is your number one tip for achieving an active lifestyle?

Setting Move Nourish Believe intentions every morning. They don’t have to be huge unrealistic intentions like running a marathon, it can be something as simple as aiming to drink an extra glass of water or doing an extra set of push-ups in your workout. Setting smaller, more achievable goals in the short term is the easiest way to maintain results in the long term.

lorna jane trainer


Unlike Australia, England has long winters. What are your tips for staying motivated during winter?

I lived in England until I was 10 so I do remember those winters! My top tip is to find a move that you love and actually want to do. That way you don’t see it as a chore and you won’t use the weather as an excuse. Another great motivator is to work out with a friend. You can encourage each other to go that extra mile and you can celebrate together when you smash your goals. Something else that really helps me with my morning workouts is to lay my active wear out the night before. A cute outfit is always inspiring and going through the process of deciding what you will do the next morning and what you will wear really does strengthen your commitment.


Healthy living and activewear has become an extremely popular phenomenon in the 21st century with a whole heap of role models – how important is it to you to become a positive female and fitness role model?

So important, and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. We’ve just launched an Active Living Schools Program, which is aimed at showing the next generation that being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits and in order to help create a fitter and healthier future, we need to start educating them on the importance of health and fitness when they are young.

What’s next for the Lorna Jane brand?

Where do I even start? There’s so many exciting things we’re working on like growing the brand globally, continuing to innovate with our products and deliver inspiring customer experiences. And then there’s my mission to inspire women all over the world towards Active Living. No two days are the same at Lorna Jane, but that’s exactly why I love it!

Watch this space…

The full range will be available online from 6th October. Then, it will be available in the following stores:

Oxford St: 5th October

Birmingham: 6th October

Sheffield: 7th October

Manchester: 12th October

Liverpool: 13th October

Glasgow: 14th October

What’s more? A special 20% discount is on offer for the first week of each launch (in store only).

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