The Debenhams Fashion Dictionary

We’re issuing a dictionary, to help shoppers understand the latest clothing terms. It seems that many of our customers don’t understand the plethora of new descriptions and phrases emerging from the fashion industry.

While some newly made up words such as Shacket and Treggings are instantly understood by clothing industry insiders, it looks like they’re leaving much of the public baffled.

The Debenhams fashion dictionary 

Blurt [Blouse/Skirt] all in one blouse and skirt combo.
Cardigown [Cardigan/Dressing Gown] Cardigan, usually long and belted like a cardigan.
Coatigan [Coat /Cardigan] Cardigan with a coat appearance.
Jardigan [Jacket/Cardigan] a thick jacket like cardigan that requires no coat on top.
Jeggings [Jean/Leggings] Leggings with jean like qualities.
Jombats [Jegging/Combats] tight combats of jegging quality.
Mace [Male Lace]
Mackets [Mac/Jacket] a cross between a mac and a jacket.
Mandles [Man – Sandals] sandals for men.
Mankinis [Male/Bikini] skimpy swimwear for men championed by Borat.
Meggings [Male Leggings] very tight jersey trousers for men.
Mubes [Maxi Tube Dress]
Shacket [Shirt/Jacket] Jacket of shirt like appearance.
Shoots [Shoe/Boots] not quite a shoe nor a boot but something in between.
Skorts [Skirt/Short] shorts with the look of a skirt i.e. culottes.
Skousers [Skirt/Trousers] trousers with an attached skirt.
Tankini [Tank/Bikini] cross between a bikini and a tank top for a more modest swim option.
Tregging [Trouser/Legging] Leggings of trouser like appearance.
Watchlet [Watch/Bracelet] a bracelet which includes a time telling decorative element.
Whorts [Winter shorts] thick, often wool based shorts, normally worn with tights in winter.

Update, October 2011.

Mangrow [Baby grow for men]
Shinos [Short/chinos] a top trend this past summer
Trogues [trainer/brogues]
Jorts [jean/shorts]
Athleisure Clothes to take you from work to gym
Spants [Skirt/pants] Hareem pants
Swacket [sweater/jacket]
Glittens Mittens that roll back to reveal gloved fingers

The Debenhams dictionary has been rolled out to all stores too.

We’ve decided to produce the dictionary so that every shopper – both fashion expert and non expert alike – can shop easily and clearly in all of our stores. However, we are also urging the fashion industry to use existing English words to describe their garments rather than made up amalgamations. We’d love to drop all these amalgamations and at the very least we are committed to keeping their use to a minimum. Hopefully the dictionary will go some way to cleaning up the confusion.

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