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This January I chose to eat a vegan diet. I’d never really thought about it properly until I began researching content for another blog post I was writing about, it was all about the Veganuary charity, different vegan recipes, places you can eat out and how easy it was to make the change. I thought that if I was encouraging my readers to try a plant-based diet then I should probably give it a go myself. Plus I love a good challenge and I’m too competitive to let myself fail.

What was I thinking?

I went in completely cold turkey (excuse the pun), with no forward planning, no idea what I was getting myself into or a clue on what I was going to eat, and I was still pretty full from all the chocolate and sausage rolls I had eaten over Christmas.

It was not my best idea, and I ended up eating hummus for most of the first few days.  I thought my best bet would be to try and find some good meat substitutes to easily adapt my usual recipes, however this failed miserably when I tried a frozen “pulled pork” burger that wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for and I ended up eating veggies and rice for my dinner, which was pretty much all I ate for the first week. The hardest part of the first two weeks wasn’t missing meat or chocolate, it was missing the easiness of walking into the supermarket and being able to eat anything I wanted without having to check every single ingredient.

Supermarket shopping was a huge eye-opener for me, never in my wildest dreams did I realise just how much food contained some sort of animal products. I really had to check the labels on everything, even the simplest things like naan bread contained milk. I quickly learnt that going to the shops unprepared was going to get me nowhere, so I started researching loads of different recipes.

Luckily my friend Jen has a website called where she shares the delicious and easy vegan meals that she has cooked from scratch, using some ingredients that she has grown herself. She aims to minimise food wastage, so her recipes are great inspiration for meals during the week and lunches for work.


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I also signed up to for free and got daily emails with recipes, nutritional information and helpful tips for what I should be eating to meet my daily protein needs etc. Their recipes were a godsend and really helped me when I was struggling for inspiration.

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Is the struggle real?

To be perfectly honest I haven’t struggled much at all, there’s been the odd stressful day at work when all I want is some chocolate to keep me going, or when I’m eating out with friends and I want to order prawn pad thai, or a cheesy pizza. The only time I have really thought about giving in is on the weekend when I’m being lazy and don’t want to think about cooking. But there are so many restaurants now that offer vegan options that I can’t really complain. Last Friday I went out for dinner with my friends from home and we went for a Franco Manca pizza because I knew that their special N07 pizza this month was a vegan option and I really wanted to try it. It did not disappoint. It was packed full of so many delicious flavours that I didn’t even miss the cheese.


(Image credit: @francomancapizz)

What happens next?

With just under two weeks to go I am already planning my first meal back as a non-vegan, currently, I’m going for a big cheesy pizza with garlic dip. However, I’ve been thinking about making some of my changes more permanent. I think I’ll stick with oat milk, as it tastes really nice in my porridge and is better for the environment. I also think I’ll have meat-free weeks, and only eat meat on the weekends. I’ve learnt that meat isn’t necessary for all my meals and I know that I can get the same nutrients from lots of other foods. Overall, I think it has been a challenging month and I salute anyone who is a full-time vegan because it takes a lot of dedication.

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