GUEST BLOGGER: Alina Isaev’s Guide to Wrapping Christmas Presents

So you’ve shopped till you dropped and ticked everyone off your Christmas list, but there’s still one more step to go; wrapping. We asked top interiors blogger and winner of the 2014 Cosmopolitan Best Interiors Blog Award, Alina Isaev of The Fairytale Pretty Picture to create a step-by-step guide to wrapping Christmas presents like a pro.  

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re organised and have bought all of your gifts already then you are in the right place because it’s time for you to wrap them all.

I’m excited to share with you my very own Christmas wrapping tutorial which I hope you find helpful and super fun too.

 What You Need:

A Christmas Present

Wrapping Paper

Ribbon, bow and tag

Scissors and pen or pencil

Double-sided sticky tape

found it items you will need resized

Step 1: Measuring

The Christmas wrapping paper will need to cover your present so put the gift on the inside of the paper in the centre and cut enough so that both sides overlap by two inches. Once you’ve cut the right length, check the width of the wrapping paper by folding it onto itself in a similar way but cut it below the edges this time. This will ensure that you don’t have any excess paper that will make the wrapping look messy.

fold your own christmas resized

 Step 2: Wrapping

Now cover the present with wrapping paper lengthways and secure it with double-sided sticky tape. Be sure to turn in the edge into itself for a neater finish. To wrap the two sides press the wrapping paper down from the top and make a crease on the sides. Then fold in the corners in so that now all you have left is the one side to secure, which you can do by folding the final flap in on itself again for a neat finish.


wrapping a christmas present sides resized

Step 3: Decorating

Once you’re happy with your wrapping take your ribbon and wrap it around the length and width of your present (both front and back) and cut it whilst leaving an extra 15 cm. Now this is a tricky part, roughly place the centre of the ribbon on the top of your present. This will be the face of your gift when you present it to someone so make sure that it’s neat and pretty! Then, take both sides of the ribbon to the back of the present and crisscross it in the centre taking both sides to the opposite 90 degree angle. Bring the remaining ribbon around the front of the box again and tie it neatly in the centre and cut the excess. Now add a bow to the middle and add a tag from either the wrapping paper set or use the sticker within the Debenhams’ gift guide!

putting ribbon on christmas present resized

wrapping with ribbon and bow resized

I hope you enjoy your friends’ and family’s faces as they light up when you gift them with beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

If you loved Alina’s handy guide then you can find more interiors and lifestyle ideas on her blog, The Fairytale Pretty Picture or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Photography and tutorial by Alina Isaev

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