Healthy New Year: Revamp Your Kitchen Accessories

Joining the ‘New Year, new you’ train this January? If so, you may be in need of a little bit of guidance to help you along the way. From kitchen accessories to must-have superfoods, incorporate these tips into your daily routine.

Get all the nutrition you need with a super-handy Nutribullet. Whilst a morning smoothie is perfect for an on-the-go boost, alternately invest in a multi-purpose cooker that’s suitable for the whole family. With this Sage by Heston Blumenthal cooker working as a rice, risotto and slow cooker all in one, there’s tonnes of recipes you can choose from to put in this handy device.



Jazz up plain water and make your own flavoured drinks with Infruiton. Opt for lemons, strawberries or even cucumber for an easy way to keep hydrated, whilst the ‘it’ health accessory of the moment, the Kenwood Spiralizer, creates carb-free alternative dishes, including pasta dishes, salads or garnishes.

Last but not least, perfect for pretty much anything, this Kenwood Multipro Food Processor is the ultimate kitchen accessory that’s brilliant for a huge range of recipes. You’ll never be limited with the ability to create your own fresh pestos and purees, and chop or slice vegetables at the click of a button.

Stuck for some inspiration? We know how hard it can be to stick to these healthy changes, but with a couple of small alterations to your current dietary routine, you’ll see results in no time.

Incorporate a slice of lemon and manuka honey first thing in the morning and see the great benefits they have in digestion and glowing skin.


Sprinkle some seeds such as flax, chia, or sunflower seeds, on to your lunch or breakfast for that extra boost of protein, fiber and omega-3. 


Give your cooking oil a swap for some fragrant and vacation-reminding coconut oil for a healthier option that’s filled with amazing health benefits.


Swap bad and refined sugars for something still sweet yet nutritious, such as dates, apricots or other dried fruits. As well as serving your sweet-tooth and sugar cravings, you’ll be able to hit your five a day.


Opt for chicken or fish rather than heavy red meats. Eating salmon gives you a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D, to name a few, not to mention a glow to the skin.


Hit refresh on your healthy household items, and shop our healthy eating range.

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