The Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the ideal time to show him just how much you care.

We know that every dad is different so we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure your dad will feel extra special this Father’s Day. Whether you can’t pull him away from the football or he loves to look smart, here are the gifts guaranteed to make his day…

For the Good Sport

If your dad just can’t get enough of the sports channel, you’ll score a home run if you give him a football keepsake or athletic polo shirt.

For-the-Good-SportShop the edit- from left: Tog 24 red polo shirt, A5 personalised golf diary, New Bright 60cm Fountain Boat, Osprey brown leather rugger wash bag, Limit grey digital stopwatch, Arsenal football newspaper book.

Shop football books

For the Stylish Dad

Suave dads appreciate timeless and classic pieces, so why not give him a designer watch or pen gift set for a touch of luxe?


Shop the edit- from left: Jeff Banks light blue gingham shirt and tie set, RJR. John Rocha brown leather belt, RJR. John Rocha black leather strap watch, J by Jasper Conran pen and pencil with leather case gift set, Thomas Nash white double cuff shirt, Jeff Banks brown leather wallet.

Shop shirts and leather gifts

For the Foodie

For the dad that adores food, look to our luxurious hampers and fun kitchen utensils so he can cook up a storm.



Shop the edit- from left: Landmann 4 burner gas barbeque with side burner, Personalised red wine in gold box, Ben de Lisi Home No. 1 Dad mug, Jamie Oliver red cotton apron, Port & Stilton hamper.

Shop hampers 

For the Well Groomed Guy

For dads that love nothing more than a fresh shave, a skincare gift set or the latest shaver is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.


 Shop the edit- from left: Kiehl’s facial fuel scrub, Lancome renergy 3D cream, Babyliss I-Stubble shaver, Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette gift set, Clarins grooming essentials kit.

Shop grooming

For the Green Fingered Father

If your dad is always pottering around the garden, he’ll enjoy a green plant and garden bench so he can be with nature all day.


 Shop the edit- from left: Trio Planter, Debenhams wooden bench, Blue Hydrangea Plant, La Hacienda large copper clay chimenea, Outdoor planter, Debenhams green plant shelf.

Shop flowers and plants

The best bit? All Daily Debrief readers can get 10% off selected gifts with the code: DAD10. Shop the offer, here.

All Father’s Day gifts

Jeff Brazier: The Interview

We sat down with judge of our Britain’s Best Dad competition and father of two, Jeff Brazier, to find out what Father’s Day means to him…

Jeff-1How was it judging our Britain’s Best Dad competition?
I couldn’t wait to meet the dads, it was such a difficult decision because of all the incredible entrants. But the three finalists had a lot of very special traits about them. It’s lovely to meet people that go above and beyond, whether it’s their choice or circumstance. These guys are out there being an inspiration to many and I think sometimes we need to see that standard to see what we can aspire to and what we can be to our children and to others if we want to.

What were you looking for in the winning entry?
I was looking for a miracle man; someone that makes it happen and shatters the perception that men are not capable of raising children. I like to think that I go a little way to disproving that theory. I don’t think many guys out there are doing it themselves so I’m particularly looking forward to meeting Lee who is doing it on his own- just to compare notes, I find it really intriguing. I’m also looking forward to seeing the other guys, to be in the company of people that are such an inspiration and that will kind of rub off on me as well.

What’s the best thing about being a father?
The best thing about being a dad is knowing that everything that’s great about you and everything that you aspire to be as a role model is making a difference and really counting on a day-to-day basis. To see [my children] grow into good young men that are going to make a difference in life – they’ve got great manners and they’re actually going to contribute something to the world – is probably the best job that you can really have.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?
The moments that mean the most to me as a family are the tricky moments, the moments where things could really be made worse if you were to act out of anger or act out of disappointment, the moments where you actually step back for a bit and realise that the best way to act is to not react badly and to actually salvage something from the situation. And feel like you turned it into a constructive lesson, into a positive. You did that by being measured and trying to find the best possible outcome for not just you but for your kids as well. Those are the moments I really thrive off.

What will you be doing this Father’s Day?
I’m really looking forward to Father’s Day because it’s the day where my children particularly appreciate my efforts. Whilst they never really truly understand what it is that I do for them, they don’t need to know. All they need to know is that I love them and I’m there for them. On that day in particular we’re just going to celebrate our special relationship.

If you could receive any gift this Father’s Day that money couldn’t buy what would it be?
Other than a yacht, I’m probably going to go with just a happy future for them both. I just want to know that at the end of it they’ve come out of it with the tools necessary to go and have a happy life.

You’re a qualified life coach – do you use this expertise and techniques in raising your sons?
All of it. The first thing I started doing when I learnt how to listen properly, when I learnt how to empower people was that children need to find the answers for themselves.

Ever since I utilised what I’ve learnt as a life coach my relationship with my kids has improved and also their behaviour at school and every other aspect of their life has improved as well. It’s because giving an opinion and judging is not really constructive, sometimes it’s a quick fix and it’s worth taking a little bit of extra time to actually help them to understand themselves, their world, their environment, their friends, what they want, what they don’t want. If they can understand themselves it’s actually far more beneficial. I’ve got two kids that might know their minds a little more than they did a year ago as a result of this qualification.

Do you find it difficult to juggle family life and your job?
A last minute trip to Vegas got sprung upon me, which is never perceived as a negative obviously. But it does mean that I have to start thinking on my feet in regards to who’s going to have the children and make some kind of seamless plan for the four days that I’m away. I basically do a call sheet for their four days and get all their clothes together

How would you describe your style in three words?Jeff-2
Smart, layered and clean.

Which fellow celebrity fathers do you think dress well or have good style?
Naturally I straight away think of David Beckham. I think if you want to Google someone who is smart and clean you’re going to get him and you can get a bit of inspiration.

A lot of the time I’ve got so many different combinations of outfits, then I use a few websites that I can go and look through the pictures. I can think if I’ve got that in a similar colour and I would’ve never have thought of that and but it looks good in the picture it gives me the confidence to wear it. Whereas, without the benefit of a picture you go into your wardrobe and stare blankly at things you’ve done in certain combinations but I don’t like wearing the same combination twice. If you layer there are a lot of different combinations you can throw together and I like the feeling of satisfaction I get from pulling together something from existing clothes.

Is there anyone you look for in terms of style inspiration?
I go to Fashion Beans more often than not and the GQ website, just to see. I love the street style because it shows you what’s going on at the minute, in terms of what people are wearing- I get a lot of inspiration from that.

Do the boys ask you for style advice or do they have their own unique styles?
They don’t need anything from me. There was a time and a place where I would dress them head-to-toe and feel very smug about it because they used to look amazing. That transition into them not allowing me to dress them anymore was hard to bear. I try and encourage them if they’re a little bit stuck – I’ll say “Type in One Direction on Google and see what they’re latest outfits were” and straight away it’s problem solved! The advice is out there you just need to go and look for it.

Find out more about our search for Britain’s Best Dad and read about the five finalists here.

(Image courtesy of REX)


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