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Kiehl’s is a much-loved skincare brand that is available at Debenhams. 

Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village over 150 years ago. Kiehl’s extensive experience has resulted in a unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed over generations.

In the early decades of the 20th century, Kiehl’s was a full-service pharmacy, offering customers homeopathic and herbal remedies, essential oils, over-the-counter drugs, and the first Kiehl’s brand name products. Today, Kiehl’s is dedicated to giving customers quality skin care and hair care products based on the most advanced science and utilizing unique, natural ingredients.

Steeped in New York tradition, Kiehl’s notoriety has crossed country and continent with the products now being available to customers internationally. While it may now by global, Kiehl’s is a born and bred New Yorker, a pedigree defined in 2003 by Mayor Bloomberg when he proclaimed November 12th Kiehl’s day!

Our Product Philosophy
Ingredients are the single most important component of our products, and we at Kiehl’s have always proudly displayed ours.

Ingredients are not chosen on their aesthetic merit – only formulas with ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin are selected. We select many naturally derived ingredients and use minimal preservatives in our formulations, just enough to give our products a shelf life.

Their commitment to serving efficacious preparations for skin and hair uphold the Kiehl’s standards of excellence and quality, preserved and espoused since 1851.

Our Approach to Service
The highly trained Kiehl’s Customer Representatives are skincare experts; they represent our extended family across the world.

Their knowledge and experience see them tailer consultations to ensure you are prescribed a bespoke routine, recommended to best suit your skin or hair care concerns and type.

This personalised service is supplemented through our signature sampling program in which our customers are welcomed to try a formulation before purchase.This approach is testament to the assurance we have in the efficacy of our products, underlining the commitment to science and service; a deep-rooted Kiehl’s philosophy.

Kiehl’s in the Community
Opened in 1851 Kiehl’s started out as a community pharmacy on New York’s ‘Pear Tree Corner’. Founder Mr Kiehl was at the centre of East Village life, formulating bespoke preparations for his local patrons. This inheritance demonstrates the steeped history and tradition that, 30 years ago saw the founding family pledge their mission.

“The Mission of Kiehl’s” is a tribute to our belief in giving back; in supporting both the local communities in which we serve and the global community in which we live and thrive. Underlining the Mission, we have developed a number of Fair Trade partnerships, plus lent our support to non-profit, charitable organisations around the world, primarily in three areas: AIDS research, cure and care; environmental conservation and sustainability; and outreach programs to benefit children and/or local communitites.

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Who is Mr Bones?
“The original “Mr. Bones” skeleton is the actual human skeleton used by founding family member, Aaron Morse during consultations to educate patrons on various ailments and how Kiehl’s remedies would address them. Today, “Mr. Bones” represents Kiehl’s pharmacy heritage, commitment to customer service, education and science.

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