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Did you know 8 out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra? Some women have never been measured or haven’t been measure for years and think that they are still the same size as they have been all their lives. Many factors can affect your bra size and shape including weight loss or gain, hormonal changes, pregnancy and breast surgery whether for health or cosmetic reasons.

A 1/3 of customers we surveyed that have never been fitted for a bra have said it is due to embarrassment. Our experts fit over 750,000 women a year of all different shapes and size with different requirements to find their perfect fit.

Wearing a properly fitted bra can improve posture, stop your bust from sagging, prevent back ache in larger busted women and generally improve your overall appearance which will make you feel confident and supported.

Simply pop into one of our stores and speak to one of our specialist experts to help find your perfect fit.

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We spoke to our Head of Buying & Design for Lingerie, Sharon Webb to explain more about the bra fit process and how to know when it’s time to book your bra fit appointment.

There are 5 easy ways to check if you might need a bra fit appointment:

1) The back of the bra is riding up your back – this indicates your underband measurement is too loose. The correct fitting band should be straight right around. An incorrectly fitting under band is the most common thing we see but is also the worst bra fitting error as 80% of breast support comes from the under band. Wearing a bra that’s too big leads to sagging.

2) The wires sit away at the front of your bra – this means your cups aren’t big enough and the bust isn’t encased in the bra properly

3) The cups don’t fit properly – either they are too loose and you are not filling them so the bra isn’t supporting you, or you are spilling out of them which squashes the breast tissues.

4) The wires are pressing on the breast tissue at your underarm. The top of the wire should sit in line with the middle of your underarm. This means that the breast is fully encased in the wire giving you the best support.

5) The straps are digging into your shoulders – this is another common mistake. If you haven’t got the right support from the underband you tend to hitch up your straps to get better support. The band gives all the support so in a good fitting bra you should be able to drop the straps off your shoulders and the bra stays in place.

If you’re apprehensive about attending a bra fit appointment, Sharon has explained some of the most common myths surrounding the process.

Busting Bra Fitting Myths:

The whole Bra fitting experience can be a little overwhelming but when done correctly it is a painless, stress-free experience.

Myth 1: To get an accurate fit you need to have 2 measurements

When bras were only made up to a D cup this was fine, but as bust sizes have increased the method of adding and subtracting to get your cup and band size just isn’t that accurate for the majority of women. Firstly we take one measurement around your rib cage to establish your band size and then assess the bra you are wearing for the 5 areas that indicate your bra is fitting or not. Next our experts establish what size you are likely to be and then fit you into this size.

Myth 2: I need to take my bra off to be fitted

You don’t need to remove your bra – it is best for us to fit you by seeing you in your current bra and assessing the fit. The only time we may review this is if you are wearing a very heavily padded bra and we would then put you in a non-pad or lightly padded to make a more accurate assessment.

Myth 3: The under band of a brand new bra should feel really comfy

The underband offers 80% of the support of your bra and should be a firm fit around your ribcage. You should only be able to slip 2 fingers under the bra at the hook and eye and be able to pull the band away from you by 1-2cm. Any more than this and you aren’t getting the proper support. This may feel unnaturally tight at first if you have been wearing an ill-fitting bra but this really is the most important thing to get right.

Find out more about our complimentary bra fit service and shop all lingerie.

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