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Tuesday Treats give you the chance to win great prizes – week in, week out. Just what we need to help us recover from those Monday blues…

The spring/summer season brings a whole host of events to attend. This Precis Petite jacquard dress is the ideal ensemble for those occasions. So if you’ve got invitations piling up and not enough outfits to go round, make sure you enter our competition to win this fabulous option.

To be in with a chance to win this fashionable prize, enter our competition by following the simple instructions below.

How to enter:

It couldn’t be easier to enter, all it takes is a tweet.

To be in with a chance to win follow @debenhams on Twitter, look out for a tweet on Tuesday and follow its instructions – making sure you include the hash tag #TuesdayTreat. After completing these simple steps you’ll automatically be entered into the prize draw.

You have until midnight on Tuesday to get involved, at which point we’ll select a winner at random to receive this week’s Tuesday Treat.

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  1. by Naomi Claridge on October 7, 2014  3:22 pm Reply

    My favourite song by one direction is better than words... I just love it, it's amazing !! I would love to win a free bottle of you and I perfume and win tickets to see there movie at Hatfield one Saturday or Sunday

    Much thanks Naomi

  2. by Katie Rowley on October 7, 2014  4:50 pm Reply

    My favourite One Direction song is Story of My Life because I think it is really sweet how the video kind of takes them back into there childhood and brings them back memories from when they were childran especially the band member who have lost some of there family to re-create the memorys they have treasured is just so cute! I would also love to win the free bottle of You and I Perfume because I have That Moment and Our moment and all i need now is the You and I Perfume! I would also love to win the free tickets to the concert film because i missed there first movie in the cinema so I had to wait for it to come out on dvd on CHRISTMAS so it was a looooong wait and i dont want that to happen again this year!
    Many many many many many thanks frooom...

  3. by Rachel Dawson on October 7, 2014  5:26 pm Reply

    my favourite one direction song is kiss you i love it.
    i would love to win the you&i as i have all the others plus its signed which is an added bonus.
    i would also like to see the movie because i missed the last one direction movie at the cinema so i would love to see this one at the cinema plus i had to wait soooooooooo long for the other one to come out on DVD.

    many thanks Rachel

  4. by Olivia on October 7, 2014  5:27 pm Reply

    You & I of course. It's such a beautiful soothing song. For the tickets: Sheffield, Vue on Saturday please :)

  5. by Ellie on October 7, 2014  5:47 pm Reply

    my favourite song is Stand up because it's just so catchy
    I would love the perfume and the tickets to see the movie in Dundee on Saturday or Sunday

  6. by Sian Broadbent on October 7, 2014  6:16 pm Reply

    Hi, my favourite sing is Little Things because it's a beautiful song with a heartfelt message. Little Things makes every person feel beautiful and better about themselves and has the power to make them smile even after a rough day :) Little Things will forever be my favourite song! ~ Sian

  7. by Nicola Wood on October 7, 2014  6:43 pm Reply

    my favourite @onedirection song is 'What makes you beautiful', it reminds me of my daughter who loves One Direction & when we went to our first concert in Plymouth. We sang this together, it was a lovely sharing the time together. My daughter also doesn't know how beautiful she is,

  8. by Shannon on October 7, 2014  6:45 pm Reply

    Little Things is my favourite song it's so meaningful and I feel like they're actually talking to me, the lyrics are so beautiful and I just love everything about it and all their solos and Nialls guitar playing and everything <3

  9. by Joice Varela on October 7, 2014  6:54 pm Reply

    My name is Joice Varela.
    My favourite of One Direction could be Fireproof ust because the different style and sides that brings from them!!
    I don't really a favourite because I love all of them,but Fireproof my favourite at the moment :)
    I would loooove to watch the One Direction:Where We Are Movie at Wimbledon,Saturday at 18 pm,please!

  10. by Bronte Wood on October 7, 2014  6:54 pm Reply

    my favourite @onedirection song is , Fireproof, it's a catchy song to sing along to.

  11. by Sian Broadbent on October 7, 2014  7:55 pm Reply

    Hi :) my favourite sing is little things because it's such a beautiful song that cleverly written and it makes all of us feel better about ourselves. Little things is a special song to me because even if I feel down this song can lift me up again. Will always be my favourite song. Sian

  12. by Amelia on October 7, 2014  8:17 pm Reply

    My favourite song by One Direction is Steal My Girl because I can relate a lot in many different ways to the song and the lyrics mean a lot to me. I also love that it is quite different from all the other songs and makes them come across as the sweet boy band that they are and always will be. I would like to win the You And I bottle of perfume as one Direction are my biggest idols and I have all their other perfumes but haven't managed to get this one yet!

  13. by megan on October 7, 2014  8:32 pm Reply

    My fav one direction song is I would, there's just something about it that makes me feel amazing :) I would be delighted if you even considered me thanks, megan x

  14. by Amelia Jade on October 7, 2014  8:35 pm Reply

    My favourite One Direction song is Don't Forget Where You Belong because it shows how much they think about home and family when they are away. It's just so sweet! It says about them changing but not forgetting who they were before the X Factor. On Niall's solo he's talking about that and also that they basically don't stop moving from one place to another. I would love to win the You & I perfume because it's all I've talked about since it came out. I would also love to win tickets to see the concert film because I love their other film(s if you count the Up All Night concert film) so much!
    Many thanks,

  15. by Imogen cameron on October 7, 2014  9:03 pm Reply

    i would love to win the perfume because I have smelled it and it is so sweet and fresh. My favourite song is don't forget where you belong because it has so much meaning behind the lyrics. I would love tickets for Sunday for Newcastle the gate

  16. by Nisha on October 7, 2014  9:25 pm Reply

    My favours song by one direction is story of my life and what makes you beautiful!!! I love them to bits and the songs❤️ To be able to win you and I perfume and free tickets is just prefect!! I woul love to win this and watch the movie in Westfield/ sheperbush on a Saturday if possible ;) and under my name Nisha thank you xx

  17. by Farihah on October 7, 2014  9:57 pm Reply

    Favourite song has to be Happily

  18. by Erin Kaegler on October 8, 2014  12:37 am Reply

    My favourite song from 1D is better than words :) every time I hear that song I can't help but sing and dance! It makes me so happy and the song is 10000% true, coming from the fan side of things the boys are better than words can describe. I have Our Moment and u would love to get the You & I perfume! The boys have been my inspiration for 3 years now and I don't think I ever love someone as much as I love them. Going back to the song Q's What makes you beautiful has also been my top song cause it's always nice to look back to where it all began, and when u listen to it you see how far they have come and it makes you so proud!
    Thanks much! :)

  19. by Samiha Mazumder on October 8, 2014  12:58 am Reply

    My favourite One Direction song is Happily because its about wanting to be with someone that you're not allowed to be with. I can totally relate to that. My parents don't like the kind of people I like, so naturally, I can't date anyone I'm attracted to. The beat is great and lyrics are touching. I want the You & I fragrance because I don't really get to buy stuff like that for myself and it would be nice to have something like this for once. All my friends were bragging about getting the deluxe pack of Our Moment and none of them even like the band. I just want to feel like I'm actually supporting them for once. The movie would be amazing to go see with my best friend because we wanted to go to This Is Us but we had school. The theatre that we're near is College Point Multiplex, Flushing, New York. The time is 12:55 PM. I'd love to be a winner! :)

  20. by farah on October 11, 2014  10:37 am Reply

    My favourite song so far has to be I wish I never get enough of it

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