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Dr. Martens Boots: In the Making

The epitome of rebellious fashion with a history of grunge punk; meet the British brand that associates itself with free-thinkers and creatives. We’ve been lucky enough to get an insider’s view into the unique manufacturing method of the popular air cushioned Dr. Martens boots. The distinctive design formula is key to the enduring comfort and resilience o[...]

8 Things Every Bedroom Needs

Want to come home to a luxurious bedroom that looks like it’s straight out of a House & Garden editorial? Here are the top 8 pieces you’ll need for your most cosy and stylish bedroom ever.  The bedroom - often referred to as a sanctuary, an oasis and the like – can unfortunately often be far from that. Despite our best efforts to keep our boudoir look[...]

Vignettes: How to create artful home displays

Seeking an easy way to give a room in your home a look that's straight out of an interior design magazine? Create a vignette.  In terms of the decorating world, a vignette basically means creating artful displays around small spaces in your home. These arrangements - typically consisting of small decorative objects and mementos - create a  lived-in look a[...]